24 Get to Know You Games for Couples

The best get-to-know-you games for couples to deepen their connection
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get to know you games for couples

Playing games can be a fun and refreshing way to get to know your partner. From classic party games to flirty questions, there’s no limit to where your imagination can take you. Looking for icebreaker games for a new squeeze or ways to deepen your connection in a long-term relationship? We’ve got you covered — keep reading for 24 great get-to-know-you games for couples.

What games can couples play to get to know each other? 

Put a date night spin on classic board games, icebreakers, and cards to help you get closer to your partner. Whether you want to build intimacy or just liven things up — start playing games. 

We’ve listed the best games that combine curiosity, problem-solving skills, and artistic energy. Played as a team or in competition, these ideas will reconnect you with old memories and create new ones.

1. Scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt is perfect for inside the house, the local area, or even exploring a new place on vacation. Use clues to remind each other of cherished relationship memories and settings. Early days? No problem. Keep the clues general and watch this game become one of your favorite relationship memories itself.

2. Get arty

Unleash your inner artist, get some arts and crafts supplies, and work on a project together or go solo then share your work. You can set each other time limits, specific themes, challenges like only using household items or not being allowed to use your hands… The only rule is there are no rules. 

3. Promise jar

This game just keeps on giving. Make up a jar full of notes of promises, plans, or other ideas that you and your partner can dip into whenever you like. This is a great way to talk about things you’d like to do together, and the jar is a reminder to actually do them.

4. Dress up

A fun and flirty way to shake up each other’s looks. You can use your partner’s wardrobe to show them which of their outfits you love to see them in, or swap wardrobes to really change things up. Bonus points for hair, makeup, and accessories, and don’t forget the fashion show and photoshoot.

5. Ready, set, cook

Heat things up in the kitchen! Challenge your partner to produce a meal or set some rules and cook together. A 10-minute limit, a favorite cuisine, or only using ingredients from one aisle or shelf of the grocery store — the possibilities are endless. Not into cooking? Try a drinking game cocktail version.

6. Show & tell

Choose a beloved object or photo from before you met your partner and explain its importance for a minute or two. Toys, household objects, clothes, and even clips from movies or music that are meaningful to you. You’ll see a whole new side to each other!

7. Love quiz

Fill a box or jar with questions and conversation starters to dip into whenever you feel like it! Flirty, deep, random, naughty, trivia — writing the questions is just as fun as asking them.

8. Romantic story

Get in touch with your inner author. Write alternate lines of a romantic story each, folding the piece of paper over so you can’t see what came before. Then enjoy your masterpiece together — real life can be hotter than fiction. 

9. Strip poker

Ready to raise the stakes? Take a gamble on the ultimate sexy game for couples. This can work with any card game. We guarantee you won’t be worrying too much about the rules!

10. Challenges

These can work any time, any place. Challenge your significant other to a race to the end of the block, bring home the first yellow object you see, and only speak backward for as long as you can… Be creative — the sky’s the limit. 

11. Blindfold

See each other differently by playing blindfold games. This can be a great way to build trust, get to know each other, and experience new things together. Don’t forget to play with the other senses! Bonus points for adding food or other flirty accessories. 

12. Game of Life

Following your characters through their lives can be a fun way to talk about your future plans. Use it as a springboard for deep questions or a chill way to bond. This game has everything!

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13. Twister

Nothing breaks the ice like physical comedy! This is a fun, active date night option that you can make as silly or competitive as you like. Or why not spice things up as you get closer? Strip Twister, anyone?

14. Monopoly

Nothing will show your partner’s true colors like a heady combo of money, property, and competition! While things may get a little make or break, this can be a great game to bring out a different side to each other.

15. Scrabble

Spice up this traditional word game by adding dares, forfeits, or double points for naughty plays. Want to try something new in the bedroom or express your feelings for your partner? Spell it out!

16. Two truths and a lie

A dating app classic for a reason, this is a fun way to learn more about each other. Whether you get to know your partner on a deeper level or hear a fun new story, this game will be full of surprises.

17. Charades

Bring a little drama to date night! Charades is a great game for creativity, thinking outside the box, and working together. You might also get a new peek into your partner’s favorite film, TV, or books. Even better if you play in a bigger group!

18. Card games

There are a million-and-one card games for couples on Amazon, from question sets like Love Lingual, conversation starters such as Conversation Cards for Couples, or trivia game I Should Have Known That. Whether you’re looking for a deeper connection or a flirty icebreaker, there’s a card game for you!

What are some juicy questions for couples to ask each other?

Questions games are the perfect way to combine a fun date night with getting to know each other better. Try these juicy conversation starters to spice things up.

19. Would you rather

A great game to break the ice on all your steamiest desires. A flirty way to bring up fresh ideas for long-term and new couples alike, this can also build anticipation for long-distance partners. We’ve put together the sexiest “would you rather” questions to get those ideas flowing.

20. Truth or dare

Revealing with a hint of competition — this game is perfect for some date night fun! Mix thought-provoking questions with silly challenges and make it as flirty, deep, sexy, or fun as you like. There’s a truth or dare for every occasion. 

21. Never have I ever

No matter how long you’ve known your significant other, Never Have I Ever is always full of surprises! Usually a drinking game, you can mix things up with chocolate or ice cream if you’d prefer a sweeter twist.

What are the best how well do you know me questions for couples?

Combine date night with a trivia night and make the theme your favorite subject — each other! Whatever stage your relationship is at, you can see how well you know your significant other with these question ideas.

22. The Newlywed Game

A favorite at bachelorette parties or for newly-married couples. This test of how well you know each other can work just as well for relationships at other stages. From teenage crushes to favorite foods, and love languages to naughty fantasies, Newlywed will take you to another level!

23. 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Call in the experts! The 36 Questions That Lead to Love are aimed at new connections but can build deeper intimacy for any couple. This is game night on steroids, touching on deep emotions, friendships, families, and priorities.

24. Paired

The Paired app is packed with relationship questions, games, and quizzes to help you and your partner get to know each other on a deeper level. Whether you’re looking for conversation starters, expert guidance, or a fun way to connect with your partner, consider Paired your one-stop shop for a happy relationship. 

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