35 of the Best Board Games for Couples!

What board games can you play with 2 players?
on March 07, 2024
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board games for couples

When Netflix marathons become the norm and dinner dates can start feeling a bit déjà vu, there lies a treasure trove of fun in a classic game night! While it may seem simple, discovering the best board games for couples could secure your best date night yet. 

From the cozy and contemplative to the wildly competitive, we’ve curated a list of games that promise not just a good time, but a new way to see and interact with your partner. Prepare to embark on adventures, solve puzzles, and even navigate the complexities of fictional relationships, all from the comfort of your living room.

Buckle up, lovebirds, for a tour through the ultimate game collection that will have you falling in love all over again!

Should couples play board games?

While Monopoly might not be the best choice for just you and your partner, there are so many board games designed with couples in mind. 

A good board should be fun, as easy or complex as you like, and designed for (or adaptable to) just two players. With so many options available, it’s the perfect way to step away from technology and take some time out to have some fun with your loved one! 

What is a fun game to play as a couple?

There are so many fun games to play with your partner, from card games to classic board games. Or, if you feel like a game tailored to your relationship, Paired has a whole host of relationship games and quizzes on offer for you and your partner to enjoy!

How about starting with something like ‘Yes/No/Maybe: PDA’ or ‘You or Me? Sweet Gestures’? You might be a better player than you think. 

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What are some fun board games for couples to play?

When it comes to a good games night, there are so many options for couples to choose from! While card games for couples are a popular choice, there are so many two-player board games that couples can try out — with both competition and cooperation key to success!

Thankfully, there are so many two-player games on offer, perfect to whip out when you want a cozy at-home date night that doesn’t involve the classic Netflix and Chill! Or, if you want to invite your friends around, so many of these games are adaptable to multi-player — so you can all get involved. 

Cooperative board games for couples 

  1. Codenames: Duet: This is a light-hearted cooperative word-guessing adult party game for two players. Work together with your partner based on one-word clues given by the other. You’ll win by successfully identifying all of the agents before time runs out — or too many mistakes are made.

  2. Seven Wonders Duel: This one is for couples who love a strategy game! Gameplay involves building up civilization by choosing from a shared deck of cards. This is a perfect game for couples looking to scheme their way to victory.

  3. Pandemic: One of the greatest cooperative games of all time, Pandemic gives you a chance to save the world — how many date night games can say that? Team up with your partner to stop a pandemic from spreading and rescue humanity. There are multiple roles to play and lots of variations to keep you replaying this classic board game time and again.

  4. Forbidden Island: In Forbidden Island, players work together to retrieve four artifacts from a sinking island before it disappears completely. If your chances look good early on, don’t get too confident. As you play, the island changes and becomes more dangerous.

  5. Sherlock Holmes: Fancy a date idea with a twist? How about solving crimes? The Sherlock Holmes board games are a fantastic way to team up and work together. You’ll get clues and trails that lead you to the answer — but only if you’re paying attention.

  6. Gloomhaven: Dive into a dark and intricate world of adventure with Gloomhaven. This game is a behemoth of strategy and cooperative gameplay, ideal for couples who relish lengthy campaign games. Together, you'll explore dangerous dungeons, fight formidable foes, and unlock the mysteries of Gloomhaven's universe. Its deep narrative and character progression make every session a unique journey.

  7. Spirit Island: For those who enjoy a challenge and thematic depth, Spirit Island is a gem. Instead of defending a kingdom or realm, you and your partner become powerful spirits protecting an island from colonizers. It’s a game of strategy, cooperation, and empowerment, with a refreshing twist on the classic defense genre. Each game is a complex puzzle of power combinations and synergies, ensuring no two games are alike.

  8. The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine: Embark on a space expedition to uncover the mysteries of Planet Nine in this cooperative trick-taking game. It's perfect for couples who enjoy card games with a twist. The Crew offers a series of 50 missions, with each providing a unique challenge to solve together. Communication is key, but with limited ways to share information, you'll need to develop a deep understanding of each other's strategies.

  9. Arkham Horror: The Card Game: For lovers of mystery and the supernatural, Arkham Horror: The Card Game is an engaging cooperative adventure. Delve into the eerie world of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, working together to unravel mysteries and combat eldritch beings. With a continually evolving narrative and character progression, each session brings new challenges and stories to life.

  10. Legacy of Dragonholt: For those who yearn for a blend of tabletop RPGs and board games, Legacy of Dragonholt offers an immersive narrative experience. It's a cooperative storytelling game that doesn’t require a game master, making it perfect for couples. Create your characters and embark on a journey through the fantasy realm of Terrinoth, making choices that will shape your story and its outcome.

Fun board games for couples who are competitive 

  1. Jenga: A great game, if a little frustrating. Ok, very frustrating — and technically not a board game. But it can also be great fun building something together. If you’re looking for one of the best couples’ board games and have some patience, give Jenga a try.

  2. Carcassonne: Carcassonne gives you the ability to stop your partner’s plans in their tracks. You’ll take turns placing tiles to build up a stunning medieval landscape (honestly, completed Carcassonne tabletops look beautiful). At the end of the game, add up points to see who won. There are ways to tone the difficulty up or down, so this is a good one, even for beginner gamers.

  3. Patchwork: How could knitting cause an argument? Play Patchwork and find out. Players take turns picking up pieces and use them to complete their patchwork quilt. That might sound like a casual, fun game — but wait until you steal the piece that your partner needs. Thanks to the game design, each Patchwork playthrough is unique and ends with some gorgeous-looking boards.

  4. Azul: Speaking of good-looking games, Azul gives you the chance to complete stunning mosaics. You’ll earn victory points for completing your patterns while thwarting your partner’s efforts is highly encouraged.

  5. Jaipur: Recreating the hustle and bustle of the markets, Jaipur is a two-player game that rewards clever buying. See if you can negotiate the right items to score the most points at the end. Overall, it’s one of the best games for a competitive game night.

  6. Hive: This is a tile placement two-player board game. Take turns placing your insects on a hexagonal board, trying to surround your significant other’s queen bee tile. As a tile placement game, Hive has no actual board, so can be played on any flat surface — ideal for trips and outdoor dates.

  7. Splendor: Splendor is a game of gem collection and wealth accumulation, where you and your partner compete to become the most prestigious jewel merchants. The competitive edge comes from blocking your partner's moves and strategically acquiring the cards they need, all while racing to earn enough points to win the game! 

  8. Blokus: Perfect for those who love spatial reasoning and strategy, Blokus challenges you and your partner to fit as many of your pieces on the board as possible while blocking your opponent from doing the same. With simple rules but deep strategy, each move becomes a delightful puzzle of offense and defense, making it a fiercely competitive yet fun game for two.

  9. Lost Cities: Dive into the world of exploration and adventure with Lost Cities, a card game where you and your partner embark on expeditions to remote corners of the world. The game is a blend of risk management and strategic planning, as players decide which expeditions to fund and when to play their cards. The competitive tension builds with each turn, making every expedition a nail-biting race for points.

  10. Battle Line: Engage in ancient warfare with Battle Line, a card game that pits you and your partner against each other in a series of battles to control the most territory. With a mix of luck and strategy, players must outmaneuver their opponent, forming powerful formations and utilizing special tactics. It’s a quick-paced, intensely competitive game that will test your tactical acumen and bluffing skills.

Best board games for couples on double dates

  1. Ticket to Ride: The award-winning Ticket to Ride is a board game for two to five players. You’ll try to complete train routes between cities on various maps — there are North American and European versions, as well as many expansions. The New York version in particular is great for couples. Crank up your score by completing additional challenges, such as completing long-distance routes — or even blocking your partners’.

  2. The Resistance: Dive into a world of secret identities, deduction, and deception with The Resistance. This game is perfect for double dates as it pits a small group of resistance operatives against a powerful and corrupt government. Players must work together to complete missions while trying to deduce who the traitors are. It's a game of social deduction and psychological warfare that will have everyone engaged and second-guessing each other's motives!

  3. Telestrations: Get ready for laughter and creative chaos with Telestrations, the "telephone game" turned into a fun drawing and guessing game. Each player starts with a secret word, draws it, and then passes their drawing to the next person who must guess what they see. This cycle continues until everyone's drawings and guesses have made it full circle. The results are often hilariously off from the original word, making it a light-hearted game perfect for breaking the ice on a double date.

  4. Codenames: Teams of two compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first in Codenames, a game of word association and deduction. One player gives a one-word clue that can point to multiple words on the board, while their partner tries to guess the words while avoiding the words that belong to the opposing team. It's a test of how well you know your partner's thinking and a fantastic choice for couples looking to team up and use their collective brainpower.

  5. Dixit: Unleash your imagination with Dixit, a beautifully illustrated game of creative guesswork. Players take turns being the storyteller, describing a card from their hand, possibly in a cryptic way. Other players then select one of their cards that best matches the description and all the submissions are shuffled and revealed. Players must then guess which card the storyteller described. It's a magical experience that encourages creativity and can lead to some wonderfully surreal moments on a double date.

  6. Wits & Wagers: Combine trivia, gambling, and a party atmosphere with Wits & Wagers. It's not just about knowing the answers to trivia questions; it's about making educated bets on what you think the best answer is among the ones given by players. You don't need to be a trivia buff to win; just be clever about how you wager. This game is a great equalizer and brings an exciting casino vibe to your game night, making it an excellent choice for double dates.

  7. Betrayal at House on the Hill: For couples who enjoy a mix of cooperative gameplay with a twist of betrayal, this game is a thrilling adventure. Players explore a haunted house filled with dangers, traps, and omens. As the game progresses, one player will become the traitor with a secret agenda, turning it into a suspenseful game of survival. It's a fantastic game for those who love storytelling and unexpected turns, offering a unique experience that's different every time you play

  8. Uno: This classic card game is an easy-to-learn hit for any double date. With simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, Uno is all about getting rid of your cards before anyone else, using a combination of color and number matching. But watch out for the special action cards like Skip, Reverse, and the dreaded Draw Four, which can turn the tide of the game in an instant. It’s a game full of surprises and sudden changes in fortune, perfect for couples looking for a light-hearted competitive game.

  9. Scrabble: For a more laid-back but intellectually stimulating double date, Scrabble is the go-to board game. Players take turns creating words on the game board using letter tiles, with each letter carrying a certain point value. The game challenges couples to think creatively and strategically, as they find the best place to add their words for maximum points. Scrabble is not only fun but also a great way to test your vocabulary and wit in a friendly competition.

  10. Monopoly: Prepare to embark on a thrilling economic adventure where fortunes can be made or lost with the roll of a dice. Monopoly, the timeless board game of property trading and empire building, is a fantastic choice for couples looking to add a dash of competitive spirit to their double date!

Romantic board games for couples 

  1. Fog Of Love: A classic romantic game, Fog Of Love lets players create and play through a character's romantic relationship. You’ll navigate ups and downs through different scenarios and stories, with loads of replayability and multiple endings.

  2. Hygge Game: Hygge — the feeling of being cozy and enjoying good times with loved ones — inspires this fun card game. The Hygge Game features cards with conversation starter questions like “If you had enough money to retire tomorrow, what would you do for the rest of your life?”. One is to get couples talking and learning more about each other.

  3. And Then We Held Hands: A unique and deeply emotional game, And Then We Held Hands requires couples to navigate through their characters' emotions, aiming to reach a state of balance and fulfillment. It's a non-verbal, cooperative board game that encourages players to understand each other's feelings and work together without speaking, symbolizing the unspoken understanding between partners. 

  4. Love Letter: In Love Letter, players compete to deliver their love letter into the hands of the Princess of the kingdom. Each round is quick, making it perfect for couples to play multiple games in one sitting. It's a charming and engaging game that can spark playful banter and light-hearted competition between partners.

  5. Star Crossed: Star Crossed is a game about forbidden love, where players take on the roles of two characters who are very much attracted to each other but are not allowed to be together. Utilizing the innovative use of a Jenga tower to represent the growing tension between the characters, couples must choose actions that will either bring their characters closer or push them apart!

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