What Are the Best Board Games for Couples?

14 board games to play with your partner on your next date night
board games for couples

Grabbing a board game and making a night of it is a fun way to step away from technology and spend time together.

No matter what type of board game you’re looking for, we’ve got the suggestion. Check out our list of the best board games for couples for your next date night.

What is a good board game for two adults?

A good board should be fun, as easy or complex as you like, and designed for (or adaptable to) just two players. Many of the most popular board games are designed for multiple players.

Fortunately, many of these have tweaks to allow two-player games. There are also loads of games perfect for two adults, or designed only for two players. Why not try some of these board games for couples? Or, if you feel like having company over, make a games night out of it and invite more of your couple friends. 

1. Codenames: Duet

Codenames: Duet is a light-hearted cooperative word-guessing adult party game for two players. Work together with your partner based on one-word clues given by the other. You’ll win by successfully identifying all of the agents before time runs out — or too many mistakes are made.

2. Hive

Hive is a tile placement two-player board game. Take turns placing your insects on a hexagonal board, trying to surround your significant other’s queen bee tile. As a tile placement game, Hive has no actual board, so can be played on any flat surface — ideal for trips and outdoor dates.

3. Ticket to Ride

The award-winning Ticket to Ride is a board game for two to five players. You’ll try to complete train routes between cities on various maps — there are North American and European versions, as well as many expansions. 

The New York version in particular is great for couples. Crank up your score by completing additional challenges, such as completing long-distance routes — or even blocking your partners’.

4. Seven Wonders Duel

Seven Wonders Duel is a strategy game. Gameplay involves building up civilization by choosing from a shared deck of cards. This is a perfect game for couples looking to scheme their way to victory.

5. Jenga

A great game, if a little frustrating. Ok, very frustrating — and technically not a board game. But it can also be great fun building something together. If you’re looking for one of the best couples’ board games and have some patience, give Jenga a try.

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What are some good board games for couples who are competitive?

Are you a more competitive couple? Then you might get a kick out of the following board games for couples — just don’t let them start a fight!

6. Carcassonne

Carcassonne gives you the ability to stop your partner’s plans in their tracks. You’ll take turns placing tiles to build up a stunning medieval landscape (honestly, completed Carcassonne tabletops look beautiful). At the end of the game, add up points to see who won. There are ways to tone the difficulty up or down, so this is a good one, even for beginner gamers.

7. Patchwork

How could knitting cause an argument? Play Patchwork and find out. Players take turns picking up pieces and use them to complete their patchwork quilt. That might sound like a casual, fun game — but wait until you steal the piece that your partner needs. Thanks to the game design, each Patchwork playthrough is unique and ends with some gorgeous-looking boards.

8. Azul

Speaking of good-looking games, Azul gives you the chance to complete stunning mosaics. You’ll earn victory points for completing your patterns while thwarting your partner’s efforts is highly encouraged.

9. Jaipur

Recreating the hustle and bustle of the markets, Jaipur is a two-player game that rewards clever buying. See if you can negotiate the right items to score the most points at the end. Overall, it’s one of the best games for a competitive game night.

What are some fun board games for couples to play together?

What about if you want to go co-op? Working together to beat the board or solve a mystery is a great way to build trust and intimacy in your relationship. Try some of these suggestions.

10. Pandemic

One of the greatest cooperative games of all time, Pandemic gives you a chance to save the world — how many date night games can say that? Team up with your partner to stop a pandemic from spreading and rescue humanity. There are multiple roles to play and lots of variation to keep you replaying this classic board game time and again.

11. Forbidden Island

In Forbidden Island, players work together to retrieve four artifacts from a sinking island before it disappears completely. If your chances look good early on, don’t get too confident. As you play, the island changes and becomes more dangerous.

12. Sherlock Holmes

Fancy a date idea with a twist? How about solving crimes? The Sherlock Holmes board games are a fantastic way to team up and work together. You’ll get clues and trails that lead you to the answer — but only if you’re paying attention.

What are the best romantic board games for couples?

Looking for a more romantic board game? Try any of the following.

13. Fog Of Love

A classic romantic game, Fog Of Love lets players create and play through a character's romantic relationship. You’ll navigate ups and downs through different scenarios and stories, with loads of replayability and multiple endings.

14. Hygge Game

Hygge — the feeling of being cozy and enjoying good times with loved ones — inspires this fun card game. The Hygge Game features cards with conversation starter questions like “If you had enough money to retire tomorrow, what would you do for the rest of your life?”. One to get couples talking and learning more about each other.

Some of the best board games for couples let you work together, while others create competition. No matter your style, choose a game and try it on your next date night. And if you want more couple games to play together, make sure to download the Paired app.

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