The Best Online Games for Couples to Stay Entertained

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just want something fun to do together, here are the best online games for couples
online games for couples

Gone are the days when you needed to be in the same room to play games. Thanks to smartphones, laptops, and high-tech game consoles, there are almost endless options to game with your partner. The best online games for couples can help bring you closer when you’re apart or entertain you on your nextdate night.

A recent study even found that couples who gamed together were more likely to feel a secure attachment style and be happier in the long term. Need some couples' game suggestions? Whether you’re into apps, consoles, or online multiplayer, we’ve got the game for you — and no, you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy these. 

The most fun online couple games

Whether in person or apart, these are some of the best games for couples to play online.

Online Scrabble

First up, one of the most popular games of all time — made virtual. Online Scrabble is a word game where players take turns setting letters on a virtual game board. Points are earned based on the letters used and the placement of words. Don’t forget the dictionary app, too!

Online trivia games

Online trivia games, like Sporcle or FunTrivia, are a great way to test your knowledge against your significant other’s. Choose from themes that suit your interests and have fun.

Online board games

Likewise, online board games can be played on sites like Board Game Arena and Tabletopia. They offer most of the classic games, as well as plenty of new ones to try together.

Online card games

If card games are your thing, try a site like You’ll find all of the classic card games for couples and many others to keep you entertained for hours.


If you’ve got plenty of time, why not try online Monopoly? Try out different themed boards or rule sets that make this great game to a new (and exciting) level.

Mario Kart

The legendary Nintendo franchise has created many great video games — but Mario Kart might be the best. Play online together over console, or use the Mario Kart Tour app version on your phone.


Looking for an addictive, fun game to play together? Minecraft offers endless possibilities to explore, build, and create in your own virtual world.


We all know Wordle, the word-guessing game that kept everyone busy through 2022. But have you tried Heardle? You’ll get snippets of a song’s intro — the earlier you recognize it, the better your score. Play online and compare with your loved one’s result to see who’s got the sharpest hearing.


This is one to improve your teamwork and communication skills. Take to the kitchen as chefs and prepare various types of meals. The catch? You’ll need fantastic teamwork to play the perfect game and score maximum points.

Virtual escape rooms

Ever played an escape room? Then you know how fun playing detective can be. In the virtual version, you and your partner will look for clues to solve the room’s riddle before time runs out. A fantastic virtual date idea.

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The best long-distance relationship games

Here are some games for long-distance couples to enjoy together.

Settlers of Catan

One of the best real-life board games is also available online or as an app. In Catan, you’ll play against your partner to trade your way to victory.

LDR Truth or Dare

Want to spice up your LDR gaming? Then try the classic Truth or Dare over chat or a video call. While most question games can be tame, the Truth aspect is a fun way to discover new things about your partner. And the Dare part? That speaks for itself.

Video call drinking games

If you feel like partying together from afar, try some virtual drinking games. Get some drinks together, hop on a Facetime call, and let the games begin. Why not try the classic Would You Rather to get things going?

20 Questions

The gameplay of 20 Questions couldn’t be more simple. One person thinks of a famous person, and the other has 20 yes or no questions to try to figure out who it is.

Never have I ever

If you want to really get to know your long-distance partner, then try Never Have I Ever. Each player takes turns confessing things they have never done — and if the other has done it, they must take a drink. Prepare to learn some deep and dark secrets.


For a more civilized online game, take to the board for a game of chess. There are tons of websites and apps that offer virtual chess to play long-distance, with rules and hints for first-time gamers.


Another great game moved online. In Ludo, each player moves their four pieces around the board by rolling a die. Your goal is to be the first to get all your pieces to the end. This one will keep you coming back.


Ready to explore the world with your partner? Geoguessr will take you anywhere on planet earth. Then, you and your partner will try to guess where you are. A great way to test your geographical knowledge and plan new trips together.

Virtual Game Night

If you want to include friends and family in your games, why not host a virtual game night? Try games like charades and quizzes to bring the whole gang together.

World of Warcraft online multiplayer game

If you want a game that lasts a long time, try getting addicted to an online multiplayer game together. World of Warcraft is a classic. Try role-playing together and see how far you go.

What are fun app games for couples?

Here are some more app-based couples’ games.


The Paired app has hundreds or couple games and quizzes designed to bring you closer together. It’s a great way to stay connected whether you live together or are in a long-distance relationship, From dreams and memories to ultimate fantasies, the Paired app will help you learn more about each other than ever before.


A party game app that offers bluffing and fun trivia, Psych is perfect for two couples looking for a knowledge game — with a twist.


The classic card game Uno is available as an app. Take turns with your partner trying to get rid of your cards first and take the victory.

Words With Friends 2

Ready to combine Scrabble and crosswords? Then download the massively popular Words With Friends 2 app.


Another classic — why not take two-player competition to the high seas with Battleship. You’ll take turns guessing your partner’s locations to try and sink their fleet.

Draw Something Classic

Fancy yourself as an artist? Prove it with Draw Something Classic. Simply draw a word and your partner will try to guess what it is.

Exploding Kittens

A massively popular card game now made into an app, Exploding Kittens is described by its designers as “Kittens and Explosions and Corn Dogs and Sometimes Pigs”. Sold.

Clash of Clans

The ultimate in addicting strategy game apps. You’ll need some serious dedication to build your village and raise your clan, before going into battle against others.


Battle against your partner to build your ancient Greek towers — there are also plenty of opportunities to stop your opponent’s plans, so choose your battles wisely.

Want more online games to play with your partner? Download the Paired app!

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