60 Date Night Games for Couples to Try

What game can a couple play together?
on April 08, 2024
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When dinner and a movie just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to create your own fun. There’s so much fun to be had with a little competitive spirit, but if you’re out of ideas, we’ve picked the best date night games for you and your partner to liven up your next date.

While a lot of board games have more of a multiplayer vibe, there are so many two-player games that couples can choose from. From drinking games to online gaming, there are so many couples game night ideas to explore and enjoy with your partner! 

Whether you’re in a long-term marriage or a blossoming new relationship, fun should be a top priority for your partnership. Liven up at home date night or take it outside with these fun couple activities. And remember, nobody likes a bad loser!

How can I make my date night more fun?

When you’ve been dating for a while, sometimes it can be hard to keep your date nights fun and fresh. While we all love a classic dinner date, why not mix things up? 

Whether you want to break out some board games or make things a little spicier with some sexier variants, playing a game with your partner can help you break out of your regular routine and have some fun! 

With some planning and a bit of creativity, game night is the perfect way to make your regular date night that bit more exciting. 

What is a good game for couples to play?

When the competitive streak strikes, it might be time for a friendly games night with your partner! 

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, there are a range of game-themed date night ideas for you and your loved one to choose from! 

What are the best date night games for couples? 

Roll up lovebirds! The games night is in the diary and it’s time to get your competitive boots on. 

Whether you want to go the extra mile with a themed at-home date night or want something stored away to spice up your next drinks date — these are the date night games for you!

Classic games for date night 

  1. Try the Origami challenge: This is one of the best date night games for couples with limited resources. All you need is some paper and access to YouTube. See what masterpieces you can come up with using only your hands.

  2. Jenga with a Twist: This is Jenga, but not as you know it. Each block is inscribed with a question or a dare. As you carefully remove each piece, you're not just playing to keep the tower from tumbling; you're diving into deep conversations or performing hilarious dares!

  3. Karaoke duet: Grab the mic and step into the spotlight with your partner for a karaoke duet that's sure to be memorable. Whether you're serenading each other with a love ballad or rocking out to an upbeat anthem, it's all about the fun of performing together!

  4. Charades: A classic game of non-verbal communication, Charades gets you up and moving, trying to guess words or phrases acted out by your partner. It's a hilarious way to see how well you can communicate without words, with gestures leading to laughter, playful frustration, and sometimes surprising moments of telepathy between couples.

  5. Do you know the lyrics?: Test each other's knowledge of your favorite songs in this musical challenge. Play a snippet of a tune and pause it, challenging your partner to sing the next line. It's a delightful way to rediscover your shared soundtrack and maybe even unearth some guilty pleasure tracks. Bonus points for dramatic performances! 

  6. Never Have I Ever: A revealing game that's as simple as it is entertaining. Take turns sharing things you've never done, and learn more about each other's pasts, quirks, and hidden secrets. It's a fantastic way to break down barriers and spark conversations about tales untold, all while sipping on your favorite drink.

  7. Would You Rather?: Pose dilemmas to each other with choices ranging from the absurd to the serious. "Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?" It's a fun and often hilarious way to explore your partner's mind and values, leading to unexpected debates and insights.

  8. Truth or Dare: The ultimate game of personal revelation and bold actions. Alternate between baring your soul and stepping out of your comfort zone with dares. It's a game that can be as light-hearted or as steamy as you dare to make it, pushing boundaries and fostering a deeper connection in a playful setting.

  9. Fog of Love: Fog of Love: Immerse yourselves in a romantic comedy within a board game! Fog of Love is a two-player game that invites you and your partner to navigate the thrilling highs and challenging lows of a fictional relationship. Will your characters' love story end in blissful harmony or heartache? Whether it's your first date or your hundredth, this game promises an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer, one scenario at a time.

  10. Dream Team Trivia: Create a personalized trivia game based on your interests and experiences as a couple. Include categories like favorite movies, dream travel destinations, hobbies, and funny moments you’ve shared. Take turns asking questions to see how well you know each other’s favorites and fantasies! 

Romantic date night games 

  1. 36 questions to fall in love: Like “never have I ever” for psychologists, these 36 relationship questions are designed to help you get to know each other on an even deeper level. Be prepared for some very personal questions. It’s a great way of opening up about your hopes and dreams.

  2. Take an online quiz: Want to know if you’re the ooey gooey mushy couple or the fiery passionate type? Take an online quiz to find out.

  3. Take the love language quiz: Do you know what your love language is? Or perhaps more importantly, do you know your partner’s? Take a love language quiz to see if your needs and wants match up! 

  4. Play the off-topic party game: Word association games can turn into romantic games pretty quickly if your mind’s in the right place. Start with a simple, innocent word like “teapot” and see where word association takes you.

  5. Romantic treasure hunt: This one’s great whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or you live together. Hide treasured memories around the house. You could be the top prize by the time they get to the end of their scavenger hunt!

  6. Exploding kittens: Imagine a card game that mixes the thrill of Russian Roulette with the whimsical danger of unpredictable kittens. Exploding Kittens is a game of strategy, luck, and not a small amount of hilarity. It's a purr-fect blend of suspense and laughter, ensuring your date night explodes with fun!

  7. “I love you because”: This isn't just a game; it's a heartfelt journey into appreciation and affection. Take turns completing the sentence "I love you because..." with genuine, silly, or even saucy reasons. While simple in theory, it can help bring you closer together with every answer. 

  8. The Gottman Quiz: Based on the research of relationship expert John Gottman, this quiz is like a love lab test for your relationship. Dive into questions that explore your knowledge of your partner's world, from their favorite things to their deepest fears. It's a fantastic tool for sparking meaningful conversations and discovering new layers to your partner's personality! 

  9. The Couple's Bucket List: Create a bucket list of experiences you want to share together. From bungee jumping to taking a dance class, write them down on slips of paper and place them in a box. Each date night, draw an activity to plan and look forward to. It's a promise of exciting adventures and shared experiences, keeping the thrill of discovery alive in your relationship.

  10. Memory Lane Match: Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic game. Each of you writes down memorable moments from your relationship, folds them, and mixes them in a jar. Take turns drawing them out and guessing who wrote it and the details of that memory!

Conversation starter games for date night 

  1. People watching: This is one of the most fun games to play on a date — especially if you want to be subtle. Look at the other people in the room around you. Make up stories for them. Is this couple on a first date? Is he a businessman looking for a naughty one-night stand? Let your imagination run wild.

  2. Boredom Bingo: The perfect game for dates outside of the house, this one allows you and your loved one to set challenges. Tell them you want to see three things on your journey: for example, an umbrella, a dog, and a first date. Tick them off and see who wins first — the more challenging, the better.

  3. Yes or no shot game: Who said fun games for date night couldn’t involve alcohol? Ask each other a series of yes or no questions in this quickfire drinking game. “Yes” results in a shot; “No” keeps you sober.

  4. Couple’s trivia game: Dive into the delightful depths of each other's minds and memories with Couple's Trivia Tangle. How well do you really know your significant other? From their favorite guilty pleasure song to that embarrassing childhood memory they thought was forgotten, this game is a hilarious and heartwarming way to test your knowledge of each other.

  5. Try a couples card game: Have you ever heard of Lover’s Deck Duel? Shuffle and deal a deck designed to deepen your connection most delightfully. Each card drawn is an opportunity to explore desires, share secrets, or perform playful dares. Whether it's confessing a hidden fantasy or giving your partner a lap dance, Lover's Deck Duel is sure to bring you closer together, one card at a time. It's more than just a game; it's an intimate journey through the heart.

  6. One-word answer: Challenge each other to a game of minimalist communication with Echo Encounter. Can you express your deepest feelings or desires in just one word? It's a test of understanding and intuition, where the fewer words spoken, the louder your hearts resonate. Each one-word answer offers a glimpse into your partner's soul, turning simplicity into an art form of love. 

  7. Two Truths and a Lie: Spin tales of adventure, mystery, and mischief with this classic game! Reveal three stories about yourself—two truths hidden among a cleverly crafted lie. It's a game of wits and trust, challenging your partner to discern fact from fiction. 

  8. Gossip Guesswork: Get your spy on with a bit of people-watching. Sit back, relax, and let the stories unfold around you. Is that duo in the corner on their awkward first date, or are they clandestine lovers plotting their next escapade? Dive into the depths of your creativity and craft tantalizing tales about the strangers around you.

  9. Adventure Bingo: Turn the mundane into the extraordinary with Adventure Bingo. Challenge each other to spot the quirky and the quintessential during your night out. Whether it's a couple locking eyes for the first time or a cat strutting down the alley like it owns the place, the first to bingo wins. The more outrageous the sightings, the better the bragging rights.

  10. Sip or Spill: Elevate your date night with a game that tests your boundaries and your tolerance. Pose daring yes or no questions to each other. A "yes" earns a sip of your favorite libation, while a "no" might just save you from a hangover. But remember, the truth often lies at the bottom of the glass.

  11. Love Lore Challenge: How well do you know your partner? The Love Lore Challenge puts your knowledge to the test with questions ranging from the easy to the eyebrow-raising. Each correct answer proves your attentiveness; each miss, a chance to learn something new and perhaps a little scandalous.

  12. Cards of Curiosity: Forget the standard deck of cards; these are designed to delve deep into your partner's psyche. Each card prompts a revelation, a desire, or a daring confession. Shuffle, draw and discover the secrets that will bring you closer than ever before.

  13. Echo answers: Sometimes, the most profound connections come from the simplest interactions. With just one word, convey your feelings, desires, or thoughts. It’s a minimalist challenge that tests your ability to communicate volumes with the scantest of replies.

  14. Secrets in the Stars: Embark on an astrological adventure where the cosmos dictates the course of your evening. With "Secrets in the Stars," you'll explore how compatible you are according to your zodiac signs, delving into traits, love compatibility, and even what the stars say about your bedroom chemistry.

  15. Dreamscape Duel: In "Dreamscape Duel," you and your partner venture into the realm of dreams and aspirations. Take turns sharing your wildest dreams, whether they be aspirations you've never voiced or fantasy vacations you dream of taking together. The twist? After each dream is shared, the other partner must find a creative, even flirtatious way, to fit themselves into that dream, weaving their role into the narrative.

Sexy games for date night 

  1. The tickle challenge: Can you resist the charms of your partner’s busy hands? See how long you can keep still as you let your lover tickle you.

  2. Naughty dice: Ready to get experimental? Adult dice couldn’t be simpler—– one die has a verb and one die has a body part. You can even mix it up with a third die that involves places to do the deed. Suck toes in bed? Yes, please.

  3. Couple’s massage: Couples’ game night ideas don’t always have to involve an instruction manual. Put on your favorite playlist, grab some massage oils, and take your partner to heaven and back.

  4. ASMR: Is it time for you and your significant other to practice a little self-care? Get the sleep you always wanted by indulging in some ASMR. These quiet, whispered tones will put you into a state of relaxation, ready to drift off.

  5. The ladder game: The best couple games drive each other crazy in the bedroom. With the ladder game, you have 30 seconds each to pleasure each other — it’s a race for who can climax first. You’ll both get hot and bothered as you switch over and race against the timer.

  6. Roleplay games: Ideal for married couples who want to spice things up, roleplay lets you get creative. Give each other characters to play, such as a naughty nurse, policeman, or plumber. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun too, so you’re allowed to laugh. 

  7. Red light, green light: Whether you’re newlywed or just starting out, pushing boundaries can be so much fun. Close your eyes and play red light, green light — it could be kissing a body part you’ve never kissed before. If you hate it, red light. If you like it, green means go.

  8. Scrabble with a twist: Board games for couples’ day nights don’t need to be boring. Why not liven up Scrabble by giving each other a spicy dare every time you place a word?

  9. Have a stare-off: The stare-off isn’t just a physical challenge for the eyes. It can also drive you crazy. Try to stare into each other’s eyes for as long as you can without blinking. The loser is whoever gives in and starts kissing you passionately — but that makes them the winner, right?

  10. Strip card games: Whether it’s poker or just a way to make Monopoly more interesting, there’s always an excuse to strip off. By the time you’re naked, we definitely think everybody wins.

  11. Create dares for each other: Truth or dare just got a whole lot more fun. Want to drive each other crazy? Take your dares public, like daring your partner to go to the grocery store without underwear. The next date night could be interesting…

  12. Get bendy with Twister: It’s not just for kids — this is also one of the best date night games for couples! See if you can both twist the dial or make it extra special by getting bendy with your clothes off.

  13. Hot and cold game: Here’s a naughty one for couples who love to play games and aren’t afraid to get a little messy. Blindfold your significant other and rub hot and cold items all over their skin — it could be candle wax or ice. See how long you can hold out before you jump under the covers.

  14. The fantasy game: How well do you really know each other? Here’s a fun way to find out more about your significant other. Write down your innermost fantasies, read them out loud, and then act them out!

  15. The Whisper Challenge: Engage in the delicate art of tantalization with your partner's whispers. Can you decipher their seductive secrets with just the sound of their breath in your ear? The game's thrill lies in the anticipation and the soft, goosebump-inducing murmurs that promise more.

  16. Erotic story time: Unleash your inner erotic novelist. Take turns crafting steamy stories featuring you and your lover in the most exotic settings. The more vivid and imaginative, the better. It's a test of creativity that will surely lead to physical manifestations of your verbal foreplay.

  17. The Sensory Deprivation Game: Blindfolds aren't just for sleeping. Use them to heighten your other senses. With one partner blindfolded, the other uses various textures, tastes, and scents to evoke pleasure, leaving the blindfolded guessing and wanting more.

  18. Dessert dine-in: Why go out for dessert when you can eat it off each other? Pick your favorite sweet treats and use each other's bodies as plates. It's a deliciously naughty game that combines your taste buds with your other senses for an unforgettable experience.

  19. Sensual scavenger hunt: Hide clues around the house that lead your partner to intimate rewards. Each clue should escalate the anticipation, culminating in a grand, passionate reward that's well worth the hunt. Think of it as a treasure hunt where the treasure is a deeper connection with your partner.

  20. Mirror Game: Stand facing each other, with one person leading the movements and the other mirroring them exactly. This can start with simple hand movements but should escalate to more intimate and suggestive gestures. It's a dance of synchrony and seduction that builds mutual desire!

  21. The Fantasy Jar: Each of you writes down your most intimate fantasies on pieces of paper and places them in a jar. On date night, take turns drawing a fantasy to act out. It's a way to explore desires you might not have voiced otherwise in a safe and loving environment.

  22. Kama Sutra Exploration: Challenge yourselves to try a new position from the Kama Sutra each date night. It's not only about physical flexibility but also about deepening your emotional connection and exploring new avenues of pleasure together!

  23. The Flirtation Game: Spend the evening in a public place, like a bar or a restaurant, pretending to be strangers. The game is to seduce each other all over again, using all the charm and wit you possess. It's a thrilling way to rediscover what drew you to each other in the first place.

  24. Secret Signal Game: Establish a secret, suggestive signal before heading out for the evening. It could be anything from a specific touch to a discreet word. The challenge is to use it in the most unexpected moments, keeping the sexual tension high throughout the night.

  25. The Secret Adventure Game: Transform an ordinary night into a thrilling secret adventure. Before date night, one partner prepares a mysterious itinerary, filled with hints but no clear destinations! The key is the suspense and the excitement of not knowing what comes next, as each clue unravels another layer of the adventure, culminating in a grand, romantic surprise!

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