30 Date Night Games for Couples to Try

The best games to play with your partner on your next date night
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date night games for couples

When dinner and a movie just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to create your own fun. There’s so much fun to be had with a little competitive spirit, but if you’re out of ideas, we’ve picked the best date night games for you and your partner to liven up your next date.

Whether you’re in a long-term marriage or a blossoming new relationship, fun should be a top priority for your partnership. Liven up at home date night or take it outside with these fun couple activities. And remember, nobody likes a bad loser

What games can you play on date night?

Rather than resorting to sitting on your phone all night, how about a game where you can get to know each other better? “Would you rather” is guaranteed to get some giggles, but you can also take a trip down Memory Lane or learn something new.

1. 36 questions to fall in love

Like “never have I ever” for psychologists, these 36 relationship questions are designed to help you get to know each other on an even deeper level. Be prepared for some very personal questions. It’s a great way of opening up about your hopes and dreams.

2. Take an online quiz to see what kind of couple you are

Want to know if you’re the ooey gooey mushy couple or the fiery passionate type? Take an online quiz to find out.

3. Pick a movie theme for each other

Stop scrolling through Netflix and make those decisions more easily. It’s quite simple: one of you picks a theme, for example, musicals, and the other picks the movie. Mix and match to see what new genres you could explore!

4. Try a new recipe together

Whether you’re a regular Michelin-starred chef or a novice, cooking together is so much fun. Go through a recipe book and find a complicated meal or even some comfort food cookies. Bonus points if you get messy.

5. Go for a road trip

You don’t have to get dressed up to leave the house! This is great for rainy evenings or just escaping the TV. Revisit the place you first met or explore the countryside together. You never know what you might find.

6. Play dress-up

Is it time to clean out your wardrobe? Why not make it fun by dressing each other up before you give your clothes to goodwill? Even better if you can take some hilarious snaps.

7. Paint a picture together

How about a custom-made paint by numbers to flex your creative muscles? All you need to do is send off your favorite photo, and you’ll be sent a personalized kit with all the right paints to create your own Turner prize winner.

8. Write poems for each other

Ready to ignite your inner Shakespeare? Take a few minutes to write love poems for one another — they can be serious or playful limericks. Even better if you can get a few naughty words to rhyme.

9. Try the Origami challenge

This is one of the best date night games for couples with limited resources. All you need is some paper and access to YouTube. See what masterpieces you can come up with using only your hands.

10. Scrabble with a twist

Board games for couples’ day nights don’t need to be boring. Why not liven up Scrabble by giving each other a dare every time you place a word?

11. Warm up your vocal cords with karaoke

For fun video games that don’t involve shooting or thumb-bashing, try a little karaoke. Serenade your lover or have a power ballad duet. You can play online without having to hit the karaoke bar — perfect if you’re looking for home date ideas.

12. Have a stare off

The stare-off isn’t just a physical challenge for the eyes. It can also drive you crazy. Try to stare into each other’s eyes for as long as you can without blinking. The loser is whoever gives in and starts kissing you passionately — but that makes them the winner, right?

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13. Strip card games

Whether it’s poker or just a way to make Monopoly more interesting, there’s always an excuse to strip off. By the time you’re naked, we definitely think everybody wins.

14. People watching

This is one of the most fun games to play on a date — especially if you want to be subtle. Look at the other people in the room around you. Make up stories for them. Is this couple on a first date? Is he a businessman looking for a naughty one-night stand? Let your imagination run wild.

15. Boredom Bingo

The perfect game for dates outside of the house, this one allows you and your loved one to set challenges. Tell them you want to see three things on your journey: for example, an umbrella, a dog, and a first date. Tick them off and see who wins first — the more challenging, the better.

16. Create dares for each other

Truth or dare just got a whole lot more fun. Want to drive each other crazy? Take your dares public, like daring your partner to go to the grocery store without underwear. The next date night could be interesting…

17. Play the off-topic party game

Word association games can turn into romantic games pretty quickly if your mind’s in the right place. Start with a simple, innocent word like “teapot” and see where word association takes you. 

18. Get bendy with Twister

It’s not just for kids — this is also one of the best date night games for couples! See if you can both twist the dial or make it extra special by getting bendy with your clothes off.

19. Yes or no shot game

Who said fun games for date night couldn’t involve alcohol? Ask each other a series of yes or no questions in this quickfire drinking game. “Yes” results in a shot; “no” keeps you sober. 

20. Hot and cold game

Here’s a naughty one for couples who love to play games and aren’t afraid to get a little messy. Blindfold your significant other and rub hot and cold items all over their skin — it could be candle wax or ice. See how long you can hold out before you jump under the covers.

21. The fantasy game

How well do you really know each other? Here’s a fun way to find out more about your significant other. Write down your innermost fantasies, read them out loud, then act them up.

22. Romantic treasure hunt

This one’s great whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or you live together. Hide treasured memories around the house. By the time they get to the end of their scavenger hunt, you could be the top prize.

23. Organize your photo albums

Looking for fun couple games that also tick off your to-do list? We hear you. Take a trip down Memory Lane and organize your photo albums. It’s a romantic date night that would make Marie Kondo proud.

What games can you play in bed?

Ready to spice up your sex life? The best games for amorous couples don’t need to leave the bedroom. All you need is a pair of dice or your imagination.

24. The tickle challenge

Can you resist the charms of your partner’s busy hands? See how long you can keep still as you let your lover tickle you.

25. Naughty dice

Ready to get experimental? Adult dice couldn’t be simpler—– one die has a verb and one die has a body part. You can even mix it up with a third die that involves places to do the deed. Suck toes in bed? Yes, please.

26. Couple’s massage

Couples’ game night ideas don’t always have to involve an instruction manual. Put on your favorite playlist, grab some massage oils and take your partner to heaven and back.

27. ASMR

Is it time for you and your significant other to practice a little self-care? Get the sleep you always wanted by indulging in some ASMR. These quiet, whispered tones will put you into a state of relaxation, ready to drift off.

28. The ladder game

The best couple games drive each other crazy in the bedroom. With the ladder game, you have 30 seconds each to pleasure each other — it’s a race for who can climax first. You’ll both get hot and bothered as you switch over and race against the timer.

29. Roleplay games

Ideal for married couples who want to spice things up, roleplay lets you get creative. Give each other characters to play, such as a naughty nurse, policeman, or plumber. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun too, so you’re allowed to laugh. 

30. Red light, green light

Whether you’re newlywed or just starting out, pushing boundaries can be so much fun. Close your eyes and play red light, green light — it could be kissing a body part you’ve never kissed before. If you hate it, red light. If you like it, green means go.

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