25 Relationship Podcasts for the Best Advice

What is the most popular relationship podcast?
on September 11, 2023
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Relationship podcasts give you access to an abundance of advice from experts, with the format making you feel like you’re simply listening in on your best friends chatting. 

From sex to situationships, podcasts are a fun way to learn more about modern relationship dynamics while also gaining a new perspective on your own love story. Whether you choose to tune in on your commute to work, or on the couch with your loved one, relationship podcasts are the perfect way to access guidance and inspiration in a way that feels personal and inclusive to all. 

With our podcast roundup, there's something for everyone — whether you’re looking for therapeutic insights or a good laugh about the quirks of romantic life. 

What do podcasts about relationships talk about? 

Relationship podcasts cover a wide array of topics related to romantic relationships, exploring the complex dynamics of human connection and providing advice on navigating love in the modern world. 

Depending on the podcast in question, relationship experts usually spill their secrets on finding lasting love, dealing with conflict, and even advice on how to deal with heartbreak. While some are more serious or straightforward in tone, most of these podcasts bring humor and fun to the mundane relationship issues we all deal with — provoking us to think about things in a new light. 

From sex life secrets to practical marriage advice, relationship podcasts are a great way to open yourself up to new ideas to carry into your own life. 

Where can I get relationship advice online? 

The internet is a vast vessel of knowledge, with lots of relationship resources available to couples in a variety of circumstances. 

Even though there is a lot of help out there, it’s important to ensure the advice you’re digesting is coming from professionals. If you’re looking for couples therapy or more specific advice, make sure advice is coming from a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) to ensure you’re getting the help you need. 

Relationship podcasts often offer more generalized advice, answering reader queries or dealing with specific relationship topics. While they may not deal with your specific issue, the advice provided can be a great starting point for conversations in your couple — whether you decide to listen together or individually. 

If you’re looking to spark up a conversation with your loved one about different aspects of your relationship, Paired could be the perfect place to start. 

How to get the most out of relationship podcasts

Identify your goals: What are you looking for from a relationship podcast? Identify if you’re looking for more light-hearted fun or practical advice. Knowing what you’re after can help guide you to the right kind of podcast — whether fun or functional.
Find the right podcast: With so many relationships podcasts out there, it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice! There are a variety of themes covered within this genre, from sex-focused or dating podcasts to ones related to marital conflict and resolutions — so you should be able to find the right one for your relationship needs!
Take notes: While some people prefer to listen to relationship podcasts recreationally, there’s no harm in taking a more practical approach. If your favorite podcast is giving out valuable advice, take note of some of the key points that resonate with your relationship for future reference.
Apply what you learn: If the podcast offers actionable advice, try and apply it to your own relationship! The practice may lead to positive changes, with a new perspective proving invaluable for your relationship.
Balance with professional guidance: While a lot of podcasts offer professional advice from experts, it’s important not to rely solely on podcasts if you’re having trouble in love. Consider seeking professional counseling or therapy for more personalized support.

25 of the best relationship podcasts to listen to now 

Over the last few years, there is been a definite boom in the podcasting landscape, with more and more relationship podcasts popping up! 

As a result, listeners are spoilt for choice with a range of options for all things dating, sex, and relationships. While every podcast has a different focus, with both comedic and more therapized options on offer, there is something for every couple to learn and enjoy. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite relationship podcasts, which cover everything relationship related — with a few laughs baked in. 

1. Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel 

This hugely popular podcast has bestselling author and renowned therapist Esther Perel at its helm, allowing listeners to eavesdrop on real couples as they participate in unscripted therapy sessions with the host. 

The result is a unique and intimate podcast that gives couples the opportunity to access the therapy room. Each episode features a different couple, allowing them to unravel their issues around trust, intimacy, or communication with the help of Perel’s insightful observations. 

Perel’s ability to uncover deeper emotional truths leads to surprising revelations which resonate with a wide audience — whether you’re currently in a relationship or not. 

2.  The Modern Love Podcast

Based on the popular column from The New York Times of the same name, the podcast form continues to explore love in its multifaceted and often complex forms. 

Each episode features a reading of a ‘Modern Love’ essay, which provides unique (and often humorous) perspectives on modern relationships and the human condition. 

Hosted by the editor of the original column, Daniel Jones and Miya Lee navigate these rich essays by providing additional context and insights, as well as adding updates on what has happened since the piece was originally submitted! 

These personal stories offer the opportunity for listeners to explore personal narrations of love and human connection, allowing them to marvel at the beauty of modern love in all its forms. Also, keep your ears peeled for some celebrity guests, with voices like Kate Winslet and Jake Gyllenhaal having made appearances in the past! 

3. Dear Sugars 

This is another podcast that originated from an advice column of the same name, hosted by Cheryl Strayed and co-host Steve Almond. 

Think of it as a very sophisticated agony aunt, providing empathetic and thoughtful advice to listener-submitted letters on a wide array of topics. Strayed and Almond often share their own personal stories and vulnerabilities, fostering a deep connection with listeners. 

Even though this podcast came to an end in 2018, if you’re looking for wisdom, empathy, and honest advice this archive is the perfect resource for you. 

4. Committed

As the title suggests, this podcast delves into the joys, challenges, and intricate dynamics of long-term relationships. 

Hosted by author and journalist Jo Piazza, this show presents real-life stories of couples in order to unearth what it really takes to make a committed relationship work in today’s world. Celebrating both the romance and the realistic, this podcast offers an enriching and heartwarming exploration of relationships. 

Tune in if you’re looking for authentic and thoughtful advice that resonates with listeners in long-term relationships. 

5. Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer 

Hosted by Nicole Byer, this comedic and candid podcast offers a frank and humorous take on dating, relationships, and self-love. 

With a different guest every week, you can expect open and often hilariously raw conversations about dating and relationships. From dating apps to hook-up culture, this show aims to get to the heart of what it means to be in love in the modern world. 

For those who enjoy a humorous yet thoughtful exploration of relationships, this podcast offers an entertaining exploration of romance — bringing out the lighter side of love. 

6. Anna Faris is Unqualified 

Despite being ‘unqualified’, Anna Faris offers relationship advice to listeners who call in with their personal dilemmas. 

With the help of a special guest, Faris offers off-the-cuff and often humorous advice on dating, love, and other relationship challenges. Although there are some great insights offered, the advice is tailored to be light-hearted and entertaining rather than deeply therapeutic. 

One of the key aspects of this show is the host herself, with her genuinely engaging personality making it feel like you’re listening in on a chat between friends. 

7. Dyking Out 

Hosted by New York City-based comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali, this podcast focuses on lesbian and queer perspectives on life and love. 

Each episode features a fellow LGBTQ+ guest, providing diverse viewpoints and contributing to engaging conversations in an inclusive space. In addition to exploring queer experiences, the hosts blend humor and thoughtful commentary for the perfect podcast recipe. 

8. Savage Lovecast 

For those seeking a non-judgemental and informed perspective on sex and relationships, Dan Savage offers an enlightening and entertaining experience for his loyal listeners. 

With his sex-positive and inclusive perspective, Savage covers everything from sexual orientation to ethical non-monogamy. His approach is frank and direct, and he doesn’t shy away from discussing explicit or controversial subjects. 

It’s worth noting that this content can be explicit, so be mindful of this before tuning in! 

9. I Do Podcast 

Dedicated to helping couples create loving and thriving relationships, Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz offer listeners practical advice and insights for improving their romance. 

Featuring interviews with renowned relationship experts and therapists, this show offers advice on how to navigate the highs and lows of romance. With a positive and constructive approach, this is the perfect listen whether you’re early dating or have been married for many years — with insights suitable for all lovebirds. 

10. Love Letters 

If you’re familiar with the ‘Love Letters’ advice column in the Boston Globe, you’ll love this podcast!

Hosted by Meredith Goldstein, each season focuses on a specific theme or question related to love and relationships. From how to meet someone to how to move on after a breakup, Goldstein deep dives into an array of relationship topics while also sharing her own stories. 

Whether you're going through a breakup or in the throes of a new romance, "Love Letters" offers heartfelt explorations of what it means to love and be loved.

11. The Endless Honeymoon Podcast 

If you’re looking for a relationship podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher’s show is perfect for you. 

This show offers a humorous and candid look into married life, relationships, and married love, blending genuine insights with playful banter. With a unique blend and real-life wisdom, this is perfect for couples who are interested in hearing an unfiltered take on the complexities of modern partnership. 

12. Love Stories with Dolly Alderton 

In this intimate series, Dolly Alderton explores the subject of love in all forms by conversing with a variety of guests — from writers to musicians. 

Every guest is invited to share their own personal love stories, extending to friendships, self-love, and beyond. With her naturally warm and empathetic interview style, Alderton deals with various love life lessons, including heartbreak and even infatuation. 

Celebrating love in its many forms, this is the perfect comforting listen that allows you to reflect on what love means to you. 

13. Small Things Often 

By The Gottman Institute, this research-based podcast offers small snippets of advice and practical tips to improve various aspects of relationships. 

Even though the podcast has come to a close, this archive of short episodes is easy to integrate into your routine — covering topics such as communication, trust, empathy, and conflict resolution. 

If you’re interested in enhancing your relationship, this bite-sized format is full of actionable insights making it a valuable resource for maintaining healthy relationships. 

14. The Girls Bathroom 

Hosted by Sophia Tuxford & Cinzia Bay Zullo, this podcast is aimed at a young female audience, designed to offer a fun and candid look into relationships as well as friendships. 

From dating dilemmas to friendship conflicts, this show deals with a variety of relationship topics with humor and honesty. For those looking for a light-hearted, yet heartfelt conversation, The Girls Bathroom feels like you’re listening in on a genuine heart-to-heart with close friends — with all the benefits baked in. 

15. Sex with Emily 

This popular podcast is hosted by Dr. Emily Morse, a sex and relationship expert who knows what she’s talking about!

With her non-judgmental approach, Dr. Emily talks about everything related to sex, relationships, and intimacy, with a focus on listener questions and personal anecdotes. From sexual fantasies to mismatched libidos, this show serves as a valuable resource for couples looking to enhance their sexual knowledge and understanding. 

Its commitment to sex positivity and inclusivity makes it a go-to podcast for anyone interested in sexuality, providing a rich and enjoyable listening experience for all. 

16. Bad in Bed 

If you’re looking for a queer sex podcast, this sex-positive show is perfect for you!

With sex educators and journalists Bobby Box and Gabrielle Kassel, this dynamic duo tackles an array of sexperiences from sex toys to sexual identity. Dig through the archives for some queer sex advice worth making a note of! 

17. NewlyWeds 

From NearlyWeds to NewlyWeds, follow along with Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing as they navigate their journey to the altar!

If you want some laughs, with a side of marital advice, this British duo offers the perfect podcast recipe for you. From venues to vows, this is a fun one to listen to with your partner whether you’re planning on walking up the aisle or not!

18. Date Yourself Instead 

This is a relationship podcast with a slightly different approach, with host Lyss specializing in self-love. 

Designed to inspire you to become your best self, this social media mogul gets candid about her own relationship experiences, providing honest and unfiltered advice on how to get through an array of trials and tribulations. 

With witty banter baked in, this is the perfect podcast for when you need to find love for yourself and feel empowered — whether in a relationship or not!

19. Foreplay Radio - Couples and Sex Therapy 

If you’re looking for a podcast to spice up your relationship, this show has all the answers!

Hosted by sex therapist Laurie Watson and couples therapist George Faller, the podcast offers expert insights, advice, and strategies to enhance connection in a relationship. 

From attachment styles to arousal, the experts approach every subject in a way that is both clinical and compassionate — breaking down complex issues with their professional expertise in every episode. 

This podcast is a valuable resource for couples who are seeking to improve their emotional and sexual relationship — while having some fun along the way!

20. The Relationship School 

If you’re looking for some love life lessons, this could be the relationship podcast for you!

Far from the cramped classrooms of your childhood, this podcast is hosted by Jayson Gaddis, a certified relationship expert and founder of The Relationship School. 

While each episode deals with an array of relationship subjects, the greatest emphasis is on self-awareness and responsibility — focusing on gaining the skills needed to create a fulfilling and resilient connection with others. 

21. Couples Therapy 

Want advice from a real-life couple? Well, the Couples Therapy podcast has got you covered! 

Hosted by comedians and married couple Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman, the show is a blend of comedy and candor. Unlike traditional therapy, this podcast focuses on adding humor to the relationship dynamic — sharing personal experiences and anecdotes about the world of modern romance. 

Even though advice comes as a part of the package, this podcast is an entertaining listen for those who enjoy comedic takes on relationships and conversations about the complexities of love. 

22. Shagged, Married, Annoyed 

If romantic comedies are your thing, we have to introduce you to another dynamic duo of the podcasting world! 

Take a trip across the pond to meet British comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife, Rosie Ramsey. From the ups and downs of married life to the quirks which annoy them about their partner, these two turn everyday frustrations into comedic material. 

This podcast serves as the perfect reminder that even though relationships aren’t always plain sailing, they are certainly not mundane!

23. Gayish 

Designed to “break down one gay stereotype” per episode, this is one of the best podcasts if you’re looking for a thought-provoking exploration of LGBTQ+ topics. 

Blending humor and social commentary hosts Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz have a rapport that draws you in, with their banter and vulnerability making for perfect podcast listening. 

Offering a unique and valuable perspective on the LGBTQ+ experience in the modern landscape, this is one to add to your Spotify list ASAP. 

24. Sex with Dr. Jess

Podcast host and sexologist Dr. Jessica O’Reilly has a simple mission — to educate, entertain and inspire her listeners about sex and relationships!

Every episode tackles a different aspect of human sexuality, with a variety of experts coming on to offer up their evidence-based approach to modern relationship issues. From sexual techniques to consent, Dr. Jess leaves no stone unturned in this inclusive and engaging podcast.  

25. Let’s Get Vulnerable 

Hosted by Dr. Morgan Anderson, this podcast is not just focused on relationships, but also on personal growth and emotional wellness. 

As a relationship coach, Dr. Anderson guides listeners through various aspects of personal development including self–love, communication, and of course, vulnerability. With her grounding in clinical knowledge, Dr. Anderson addresses complex subjects in a relatable and accessible way — making it easier to digest her words and transform them into actionable changes for your own relationship. 

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