23 Fun Couple Painting Ideas for Your Next Date Night

Ready, set, paint: get creative with these artsy date ideas
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Do you think of yourself as the next Picasso? Maybe you just think picking up some paintbrushes would make for a great date night? Whether you’re a beginner or a master, painting is a fantastic way to spend time with your partner.

And you don’t have to create a perfect piece of art to have a fun date night. Simply grab some gear, pick your inspiration, and start painting together. Check out our list of couple painting ideas to inspire your next artsy date.

Is painting a good date idea?

In one word: definitely! Painting is a really fun date idea. You and your partner can get creative together, paint your next masterpiece, and have a great time doing it.

Making art isn’t only a fun date activity — it’s also really good for your well-being. One study showed that painting or drawing for just 45 minutes lowered the stress hormone cortisol, while another study found that one hour of art-making improved concentration and reduced feelings of sluggishness and depression.

With painting making a great date night idea and providing many proven health benefits, what better excuse to get creative? Collect some supplies and let’s get painting. Even if you're not an art pro, you’ll make new keepsakes and memories together.

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What should I paint with my partner?

You can paint pretty much anything with your partner. Think about what you both enjoy, or any interesting objects you have to hand.

You could paint each other's portraits, for example. Maybe try a stunning landscape or some funky abstract designs. Beginners might try a paint-by-numbers kit for a fun and easy option.

You could even work together on one canvas — or combine two different canvases — and see what happens. If you need inspiration, we’ve put together some fantastic painting ideas for couples. Just pick one and start creating.

How can we make painting a date idea?

How about trying some of these painting date night ideas?

1. Pick a fun date night painting theme

One of the simplest couples’ painting ideas is to pick a theme — a color, an object, or a sight — and both paint it. Then, compare and see how you both did.

2. Throw a paint party

If you’re a social couple, get some friends over and throw a paint party. Anything goes. Just put the painting equipment out, have some drinks, and see what people create.

3. Try acrylic painting

You can try using acrylic paint to make colorful pieces. Acrylics are a great choice of paint as they’re affordable, bold, and dry pretty quickly.

4. Try canvas painting

If you want to try a few different things, grab a canvas and see what happens. You can use various techniques — like drawing, watercolors, or acrylics — and feature them on a canvas for all to see.

5. Share a DIY paint job

A painting doesn’t have to be a picture. You could also decorate a room in your house or tackle that home improvement job you’ve been meaning to do for months (or years).

6. Paint a romantic painting for your significant other

What would make a more romantic couple’s date night than making art for your loved one? If you’re together, paint each other’s portraits. If you’re on your own, paint something meaningful — the finished piece will make a great gift idea.

7. Upcycle old furniture

Use your painting skills to give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life. This is a great task to work on with your partner, and you’ll both enjoy the result.

8. Sip date night

Sip and paint is all the rage. Meet up with fellow creatives and recreate a masterpiece — paintbrush in one hand, wine in the other. If you need some sip-and-paint ideas for couples, try finding an event that features your favorite artist or painting style. Bold, expressive pieces like Monet’s Water Lilies or Van Gogh’s Starry Night are always popular.

9. Go double canvas

Why not try teaming up? Grab two canvases and split the painting in half. It might help to outline each first to make sure everything matches before adding paint. You can also do the opposite and share one canvas if teamwork is your strong point.

What are some couple painting ideas for beginners?

If you’re new to art, try these beginner couple painting ideas.

10. Take an acrylic painting tutorial together

A great way to get started is to learn from a pro. Head to a local class and get the basics down.

11. Try out basic watercolors

Watercolors can also be fantastic for new painters. They’re pretty forgiving, letting you blend colors and try new techniques.

12. Follow a step-by-step canvas painting kit

If you prefer structured learning, you can buy step-by-step instruction kits. Follow the tutorial, and you’ll finish with a completed piece.

13. Paint on a pre-drawn outline

You can also buy a pre-drawn painting — simply add your own color.

What are some easy couple painting ideas?

Once you’ve learned the basics, move on to some of these fun but easy painting ideas.

14. Try your hand at an abstract painting

Modern art can be confusing to look at — but it can be lots of fun to paint. Grab some colors, hit the canvas, and see how it comes together.

15. Head outside and paint a full moon

Looking for an at-home date night painting idea? Take your supplies outside on a warm evening and paint the full moon above.

16. Paint a glass of wine with some food

For an indoor painting date, get a few everyday objects together and paint those. Red wine and fruits make for colorful inspiration.

17. Try a simple landscape painting

Do you have a local beauty spot? Unleash your inner landscape artist and paint what you see.

18. Head to the beach and paint a palm tree or tropical sunset

Lucky enough to live near a beach? Bright weather and blue seas make a great background — try painting a palm tree or a stunning tropical sunset.

19. Recreate a classic

If you got a favorite painting, why not recreate it? Try to get as close as possible to the real thing, or add your own twist.

What are some cute couple painting ideas?

A stay-at-home date with your significant other is a great time for a cute painting date night.

20. Valentine’s day couples’ paint night

On the most romantic day of the year, get some art supplies and snuggle up with your loved one. Paint romantic things that spring to mind — or a special memory that you share.

21. Paint nature

Nature paintings bring a sense of calm. For a romantic date idea, try painting a picture of cherry blossoms or sunflowers.

22. Create a keepsake for your loved one

If you’ve got a night to yourself, why not paint a romantic gift for your partner?

23. Paint love birds

Painting animals can be challenging. A good way to start is by painting birds — lovebirds make a great model, with their rounded shape and dazzling colors.

Looking to get creative? Try one of these couple painting ideas to have fun and connect with your loved one.

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