65 Sex Games for Couples to Get Spicy

What are the most popular sex games for couples to enhance intimacy?
on April 15, 2024
Read time: 10 mins

Introducing some steamy flair into your love life isn't just fun — it's necessary!

So, if you love a game night, we invite you to widen your gaze and spice things up with these sex games for couples! From playful teasing to sizzling foreplay, these games promise not just fun but a deeper connection with every playful challenge.

While we all enjoy raising a glass with couples drinking games, or even getting a bit flirty with long-distance games, these sex games are the creme de la creme for all couples. 

So don your lingerie and arm yourself with your kinkiest desires, because this is the perfect excuse to get competitive. Even though with these games, we’re happy to say, there are no losers. 

How can I spice up my sex life?

If your sex life has been feeling a bit vanilla lately, it’s not a crime to want to spice things up! While we all enjoy the comfort of routine, it can become a bit stale when you’re both just doing the same ol’ things over and over. 

So if you’re looking for a sex life switch-up, introducing a sexy game or two could be your ticket! 

What are some other good sexual games besides truth or dare?

If you think that Truth or Dare is the only sexy game on the market, then we’re delighted to tell you that you’ve been very very misinformed. 

While we would never ignore some of the classics when it comes to couples' games, there are truly no limits. So if you’re feeling in the mood, why not spice up your next date night with something a tad more daring? 

What are the best sex games for couples? 

Sexy games are a really fun and dynamic way to spice up your sex life, with a range of options from frisky to kinky! 

The best sex games for partners dive into your sexual desires, and fantasies, and might even get you one step closer to orgasms galore.

Online sex games for couples

  1. Paired: Have you explored the Sex and Intimacy section of the Paired app yet? From debating your Kinky Sex Bucket List to deciding what’s Hot or Not — our extensive games list will keep you going for hours!

  2. Hot Truth or Dare: This classic game is revamped for the digital age, allowing couples to enjoy a mix of provocative questions and daring challenges. The app can be customized with personal questions and dares tailored to each couple's comfort level, making it a flexible choice for partners looking to explore their boundaries in a fun, lighthearted way.

  3. OhMiBod Remote App: This innovative app pairs with a range of OhMiBod vibrators, allowing one partner to control the device from anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for long-distance couples looking to maintain a physical connection. The app also features in-app chat and photo-sharing capabilities to enhance the interactive experience.

  4. Foreplay: This app is designed to enhance intimacy by suggesting a variety of sensual actions that couples can perform on each other. It helps in building anticipation and excitement, with options to customize the actions based on the couple’s preferences and pace.

  5. Desire: The app turns romantic gestures into a game by allowing partners to dare each other to perform romantic and intimate challenges. Couples can earn points for completing dares, which can be used to unlock new levels and challenges. It’s a playful way to encourage more affectionate and steamy interactions.

  6. Kindu: Kindu offers over 1000 sensual and romantic ideas for couples to try. Its double-blind match system ensures that suggestions only appear if both partners are interested, making it a safe space for couples to explore their desires without discomfort.

  7. Lovelink: A part-dating sim, part-chat app that allows you to explore virtual relationships with different characters. While not directly interactive for real-life couples, it can provide a playful environment to explore fantasies and dialogues that might be translated into the couple’s real-world interactions.

  8. Pillow: A more intimate app focused on strengthening emotional connections through guided audio play episodes that couples listen to together in bed. The activities are designed to enhance mutual understanding and intimacy.

  9. Honii: A card game app that encourages couples to explore different romantic scenarios. The game offers different levels of intimacy and interaction, which can be a fun and engaging way for couples to discover new facets of their relationship.

  10. Bliss - The Game for Lovers: Known as a board game for romantic couples, Bliss uses a unique virtual board game format to encourage intimate interactions. It features music, spoken cues, and customizability, making it an engaging tool for creating a deep, personal connection.

Fun sex games for couples

  1. 30-Day Position Challenge: Kick off a steamy adventure with the 30-Day Position Challenge. Each day, a new sex position awaits, daring you to explore uncharted territories of pleasure and connection. It's like a treasure map, but instead of gold, the X marks the spot of ultimate intimacy.

  2. Sex Dice: Let the roll of the dice decide your fate. One die suggests actions, and the other spots or positions. It's a game of chance where every outcome is a win, and the unpredictability adds that extra zing, turning your bedroom into a game of lustful surprises.

  3. Dirty Pictionary: Unleash your artistic talents with a naughty twist. Draw your way through suggestive prompts and let your partner guess what’s on your mind. It’s a hilarious way to explore fantasies without saying a word, and who knows, it might just inspire your next move.

  4. Dirty Jar: Write down your deepest desires and kinkiest fantasies on slips of paper and drop them into the jar. Take turns pulling out a slip and bringing those fantasies to life. It’s a thrilling way to ensure variety and keep both partners equally invested in the game.

  5. Strip Poker or Strip Twister: Whether you're bluffing your way through a hand or tangled up on a mat, clothing is the currency, and the goal is to leave your partner bare in more ways than one. It’s a classic for a reason—anticipation and strategy mix with seduction.

  6. Dirty Truth or Dare: Spice up this teenage classic with dares and questions that are anything but innocent. It's a thrilling way to push boundaries, explore new territories, and reveal hidden desires in a safe and playful environment.

  7. Sexopoly: An adult twist on the classic board game, where financial prowess is replaced with sexual tasks and rewards. It’s a fun way to combine strategy with intimacy, leading to unexpected turns and twists (and not just figuratively).

  8. Naughty or Nice Card Game: Shuffle a deck where each card draws the line between naughty and nice. Will you perform a sweet act of love, or will it be something a bit more... daring? Let the cards decide and enjoy the rollercoaster of sensations.

  9. Strip Scrabble: Every word spelled earns you points, but here’s the catch: the naughtier the word, the more clothes your partner has to take off. It’s a game that tests your vocabulary and your composure, all while stripping down barriers.

  10. We’re Not Really Strangers XXX: A version of the game that’s designed to get you both talking and acting on those deeper, naughtier thoughts. It's about connecting on a physical level while also exploring the emotional and psychological ties that bind you.

  11. Sexual Fantasies Jar: Similar to the Dirty Jar but focused solely on fantasies. Whether it's role-playing scenarios or new kinks to try, this jar holds the key to exploring the depth of your desires together, making every pick an exciting adventure.

  12. Monogamy Adult Board Game: Designed to deepen the connection between partners with a mix of romantic and explicit challenges. It's a journey of discovery, with each space on the board offering a new way to explore each other’s minds and bodies.

  13. Cosplay Confessions: Unleash your inner fantasies by dressing up as your favorite characters, but with a twist. Each partner gets to choose a character for the other, and you must confess a hidden desire or fantasy in character. This game promises not just a night of laughter but also a deep dive into each other's hidden desires, wrapped in a fun role-playing package.

  14. Sensual Scavenger Hunt: Transform your home into a playground of pleasure with a scavenger hunt designed to tease and tantalize. Hide clues around the house that lead your partner to intimate tokens, naughty toys, or even yourself, waiting in a compromising position. Each clue can include a task or a sexy challenge to complete before moving on to the next, ensuring a buildup of anticipation and excitement.

  15. Erotic Story Time: Spark your imagination and libido by taking turns crafting an erotic story featuring you and your partner. Start with an innocent scenario and escalate it with each sentence, leaving nothing to the imagination. To raise the stakes, act out the story as it unfolds, turning your shared fantasies into reality.

Kinky couple's sex games 

  1. Cake Game: Turn dessert into a devious delight. Build your own dessert on your partner’s body using various chocolate sauces, creams, and of course, some strawberries on top. One partner is blindfolded and must navigate eating/licking it all off the other's body without using their hands. It's messy, it's sexy, and it's deliciously fun. The twist? The cake placer can move, making the chase all the sweeter.

  2. Oral Dice: If you don’t want to invest in a set of sex dice, then this game can provide a fun and saucy twist! Roll the dice, with the number dictating the number of minutes you have to give the other head for… Somehow we feel you won’t be watching the clock. 

  3. Sex Toy Roulette: Lay out an assortment of toys, each assigned a number. Spin a wheel or draw numbers from a hat to discover which tantalizing toy will join your play. It's a thrilling way to introduce new sensations and perhaps find a new favorite.

  4. Dirty Jenga: A classic game with a kinky twist. Each block is inscribed with a dare or a sexy task. As the tower grows taller, so does your anticipation. Will you pull the block that sends you both over the edge?

  5. Testing the Senses: With a blindfold, heighten every touch, taste, and whisper. Experiment with different textures and temperatures to tease and tantalize your partner. It’s a sensory journey that will lead you both to ecstasy.

  6. Dare or Dare: Forget the truth; dare is where the fun lies. Challenge each other with tasks that push your boundaries in the most delightful ways. It's a game of daring discoveries, leading you both to uncover new peaks of pleasure.

  7. Position Challenge: Create a deck of cards, each depicting a different and daring sexual position. Shuffle and draw to discover which acrobatic feat you'll attempt next. It's a physical and intimate challenge that's sure to bring you closer—quite literally.

  8. The Mirror Game: Face a mirror together, and without breaking eye contact, mimic your partner's every move in a sensual dance. It's a game of silent seduction that promises to escalate your desire to feverish levels.

  9. Role Play Game: Sometimes it’s a classic for a reason… Tarzan and Jane? Policeman and prisoner? Or how about a classic nurse and patient? The floor is yours. 

  10. X Marks the Spot: Design a treasure map of your body with "X"s marking spots craving attention. Your partner's quest is to explore each marked territory (or body part)  with their lips, tongue, and touch until they find the right spot. 

  11. Sex Charades: Act out your favorite sex acts, with your partner attempting to guess each one! This fun game might raise your heartrates enough, that there soon might be no need for acting. 

  12. Ice Cube: Introduce a chilling thrill by running an ice cube along your partner's body. Trace their curves and watch them shiver with anticipation. It’s a cool game that’s sure to heat things up quickly.

  13. Kama Sutra Card Deck: Explore ancient arts of love with a modern twist. Draw cards to discover new positions and techniques, guiding each other through the physical poetry of the Kama Sutra. It's a game of stretching, bending, and bonding, promising enlightenment and pleasure.

  14. Whisper Challenge: Turn the heat up with a game where you whisper your deepest desires into your partner's ear. But here's the twist: wear headphones blasting music so they can't hear. They must guess what you're saying. If they get it right, they get to command you to do it. If not, you get to command them. It’s a win-win filled with laughter and lustful whispers.

  15. Flashlight Fun: Dim the lights and arm yourselves with flashlights. Shine the light on areas of your body you want your partner to focus on, illuminating your desires literally. It’s a playful way to highlight your 'hot spots' and explore each other's bodies in a new light.

  16. Body Paint Doodles: Get artistic with edible body paint. Take turns drawing or writing naughty messages on each other’s skin. Guess what the other person has created or written, and if you're right, you get to lick it off. It's a deliciously dirty game that tastes as good as it feels.

  17. Sensual Simon Says: A twist on the classic game, where "Simon" commands the other to perform sensual acts, ranging from a soft kiss to more daring deeds. If you fail to follow "Simon's" instructions to the letter, you must face a titillating penalty. It’s about control, surrender, and a whole lot of teasing.

  18. Tickle or Tease: Armed with a feather or a piece of silk, decide whether to tickle or tease each other with a blindfold on. The one being tickled or teased has to guess which one you're doing. Guess right, and switch roles; guess wrong, and the intensity increases. It's a delightful game of sensation and anticipation.

  19. Erotic Escape Room: Create a series of clues and puzzles that lead your partner through a tantalizing tale of desire. Each solved puzzle leads to a sensual reward or an intimate revelation. It’s a brainy blend of mystery and sexuality that promises a satisfying climax.

  20. The Sensual Countdown: Write down a list of sensual acts or tasks to perform on each other, numbering them from mild to wild. Roll a dice to decide which number you’ll act on. It’s a game of chance where every roll promises a new level of excitement.

Intimate couples sex game 

  1. Everything But: This tantalizing game challenges you and your partner to pleasure each other without actually having sex. With sex off the table, it prompts couples to focus on foreplay and satisfying their partner’s needs in new and fun ways!

  2. Not So Fast: Slow down to speed up the heat with this game that's all about prolonging the pleasure. Set a timer for how long you want the foreplay to last, and no matter how much you're tempted, there's no skipping ahead to the main event. The anticipation builds with every second, making the eventual climax all the more explosive. It’s a delicious lesson in patience and control, where every touch becomes more intense the longer you wait.

  3. Tickle War: Unleash a playful battle where your only weapons are your fingers and your strategy is to tickle your partner into submission. But there's a twist: for every uncontrollable laugh, there’s a sensual reward. It’s a lighthearted way to engage with each other, breaking down barriers and leading to a heap of giggles and intimate moments. Plus, finding each other's ticklish spots can be surprisingly revealing.

  4. Never Have I Ever: Bring a bottle of wine or your favorite drinks to this revealing game that turns confessions into a sexy exploration of each other's pasts. But here’s the intimate twist: every time someone confesses to something they've never done, it becomes a suggestion for what to try next. It’s a game that blends curiosity with desire, encouraging you to share your fantasies and perhaps even fulfill them together.

  5. Striptease: Turn up the music and dim the lights for a private performance that’s sure to dazzle. Take turns seducing each other with a striptease, but remember, the goal isn’t just to undress—it’s to reveal your desires slowly, teasing each other with every movement. Whether you’re an experienced dancer or stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s about expressing your desire and watching it ignite in your partner’s eyes.

  6. Would You Rather: Why not turn a classic Would You Rather session into a sexy game? For your next date night, spice up your classic Would You Rather questions with some sexier variations. We’ll start — would you rather be blindfolded or be in handcuffs? Now that’s a conversation starter… 

  7. Capture the Moment: Use an instant camera to take turns photographing each other in intimate, beautiful, or playful poses. The instant photos make for immediate keepsakes, capturing the joy and sensuality of the moment tangibly.

  8. Kiss Marathon: When was the last time that you just kissed? Challenge each other to see how long you can keep a kiss going without breaking away. You can introduce variations, such as kissing in different positions or rooms of the house.

  9. Dress Code Decoder: Create a secret dress code where specific colors or types of clothing signal certain desires or intentions for the evening. For example, wearing red might mean one partner is interested in experimenting that night, while black might suggest a massage or a relaxing activity. This game adds a layer of subtle communication and anticipation throughout the day as you decode each other's signals.

  10. Timer Surprise: Set a timer randomly throughout the day (or night) that signals it's time for a quick, spontaneous romantic or sexual act, from passionate kissing to more explicit activities, depending on the setting and mood. This game injects a sense of spontaneity and excitement into your routine, as you both anticipate when the next "alarm" might go off.

Long-distance sex games for couples 

  1. Mutual Masturbation: Utilize video calls for a visual connection where both partners masturbate simultaneously. This can be a deeply intimate experience as each partner shows and expresses what feels good, enhancing emotional and physical closeness.

  2. Sexting: Don’t be fooled — sexting isn’t out of fashion! Use texts to send suggestive or explicit messages throughout the day. This builds anticipation and allows both partners to express their desires and fantasies creatively and privately.

  3. Synced Sex Toys: Have you ever used long-distance sex toys? Invest in remote-controlled sex toys that one partner can control via an app. This technology allows couples to give and receive pleasure in real time, despite being miles apart.

  4. Interactive Adult Games: There are numerous online games designed for adult play that incorporate decision-making and role-play elements. These games can be played over the internet, with each choice leading to different scenarios, making each game unique and tailored to the couple’s preferences.

  5. Virtual Reality (VR) Encounters: If both partners have VR headsets, they can meet in a virtual space that mimics physical presence. VR platforms can allow couples to interact in a more lifelike way than traditional video calls, providing a sense of closeness and immediacy.

  6. Erotic Story Exchange: Take turns writing chapters of an erotic story featuring yourselves or your alter egos. Send a chapter at a time via email or messaging apps. This can be a thrilling way to explore fantasies and keep the narrative going over time.

  7. Movie Night with a Twist: Watch the same movie simultaneously while on a video call, and play a pre-agreed game like taking a drink or sending a flirtatious message every time a specific word is said or an event happens in the movie. This creates a shared experience that is both fun and engaging.

  8. Virtual Dinner Date: Set up a dinner date where each person cooks the same meal or orders the same type of food, and then eats together over a video call. Dress up as if you were going out and create a romantic setting. This can be followed by intimate conversations or any of the previously mentioned games.

  9. Online Quiz Night: Create or find a sexy quiz that you can take together online. The results can lead to discussions about desires, preferences, or even just fun and flirty banter.

  10. Dream Scenario Sharing: Use a messaging app to describe a dream scenario involving the two of you. Describe in detail what you would do if you were together at that moment. This can be a daydream or a more sensual scenario, depending on the mood and timing.

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