Meaning & Growth

In a healthy relationship, partners provide each other with the support and encouragement needed to find meaning in their lives and grow as individuals and as a couple.

How Mindfulness Can Help Your Relationship

Research shows that couples who are more mindful have greater relationship satisfaction
By Judith Lask

5 Ways to Practice Self-Care Together During Lockdown

How to stay positive and manage your health and well-being as a team
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How Relationships Affect Mental Health

Studies show partners who support each other's mental health will improve their relationship
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Date Night Idea: Write Your Couple's Bucket List 2022

Kick off the year in a positive, meaningful way by brainstorming your couple goals for the year ahead
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5 Important Gay Relationship Goals to Set in 2022

An expert shares the relationship goals all LGBTQ+ couples should aim for
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How to Set Workout Couple Goals: 4 Couple Gym Goals

Love a sweaty workout? Grab your partner and get motivated with one of these couple’s workout challenges
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10 Relationship Questions to Ask Yourself

Worried you don’t have the same core values? Here’s why self-reflection is important
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23 Relationship Affirmations to Improve Your Relationship

Put these positive daily mantras on repeat
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Quiz: Find Out How Compatible You Are

Are you and your partner compatible? Answer 4 essential questions to find out
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5 Research-Based Tips for a Better Relationship

Here’s what we learned from the best relationship advice science has to offer
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Setting Relationship Goals: Why It’s Important and How to Do It

Research shows that having shared goals is strongly linked to relationship quality — here's how to set them
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How Important Is Compatibility for Long-Term Love?

What is compatibility and how important is it to your relationship?
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