22 of the Best Valentine's Day Games for Couples

Make the most of Valentine's Day with these couple-bonding games
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valentines day games for couples

Valentine's Day is the ideal time for couples to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner for two or want to go all-out with a surprise weekend getaway, you can make the occasion even more entertaining by including some of our favorite Valentine’s Day games for couples.  

So if you need ideas on how to spice up your Valentine's Day game night, look no further! Here are 22 couples' games that will make your Valentine’s Day extra special. 

What are some fun Valentine's day games for couples?

Here are 22 of the best couples' games for Valentine's Day that will ensure everyone has an enjoyable evening.

1. Love quiz

Write down questions about your relationship on pieces of paper, then fold them up and put them in a bowl. Take turns drawing a question from the bowl, and have your partner answer the question. If you need inspiration, here are 60 romantic questions for couples to get you going. 

2. Blindfolded makeover

While one of you is blindfolded, try to give the other a makeover!

3. Name that tune

Take turns playing some of your favorite love songs, and see who can guess them first. In the end, you can put all the songs in a playlist to make a soundtrack for your relationship.  

4. Kisses in a jar

Write down different kinds of kisses on slips of paper, put them in a jar, and take turns drawing one out. If you’re feeling extra spicy, you can also add other sexy acts in the jar. 

5. Heart hunt

Hide small red hearts all around the house, and take turns finding them. Whoever can find them all in the shortest time wins. 

6. The love letter challenge

Write down words or phrases that describe your partner on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Take turns drawing one out and then writing a love letter using the word or phrase provided. 

7. How well do you know me?

Each partner writes down 10 questions related to themselves (such as their favorite color or TV show). Then, each person answers five of their own questions and the other has to guess which is correct. Whoever gets more correct is declared the winner! 

8. Memory lane

Place some photos of the couple at different stages of their relationship in a bowl. Take turns drawing one out and reminiscing about that moment together.

9. Love story

Create your own romantic story where each person takes turns adding to the plot!

10. Valentine's bingo

Create Bingo cards using words related to love, such as "kiss," or "starry night." Take turns calling out the words and try to get a line first!

11. Movie marathon

Choose some classic romantic movies, pop some popcorn, and cuddle up together! Can’t stop scrolling through Netflix? We’ve put together 44 of the best date night movies

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12. Love charades

Write down romantic actions or concepts like a candlelit dinner or a slow dance on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Take turns acting out what's written on the slip of paper so the rest can guess it.

13. Truth or dare

Take turns asking each other either truth or dare questions to test how well you really know your partner!

14. Scavenger hunt

Take turns hiding items that are special to your relationship around the house, such as cards from anniversaries or gifts you gave each other previously, and make sure to leave clues for your partner.

15. The love test

Each person writes down five statements they think describe their partner the best. Then, partners have to guess which statement was written by them and get a point for each right answer.

16. Trivia night

Have your own romantic trivia night with questions about famous couples or movie quotes from classic rom-coms. 

17. Bedroom adventure

Create a list of activities you can do together in the bedroom and take turns checking off items from the list. 

18. Origami fortune teller

Write down different romantic activities on pieces of paper, fold them up into a fortune teller shape, and play with your partner to determine what you will do next. 

19. Blindfolded surprise

Put a blindfold on and have your partner guide you through a surprise activity, like eating dessert in bed or taking a bubble bath together. This is where you can really test your communication skills!

20. Truth or lie

Take turns asking each other questions that require yes/no answers and make it more interesting by figuring out which is the lie. 

21. Murder mystery night

Play some murder mystery games together to add a bit of suspense and excitement to your evening. 

22. Couple karaoke

Compile a list of songs from different genres that you both like, queue them up, and have some fun singing along. 

How can I spice up Valentine's Day?

There are plenty of ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day special. You go shopping for toys together, buy some sex dice, or try new positions in bed — anything that breaks your routine will add an element of novelty to the night. 

The important thing is discussing your desires and fantasies beforehand and making sure you respect each other’s boundaries. Remember, openly talking about sex with your partner is a proven way to boost your intimacy, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to broach the subject.

How can I make Valentine's Day fun?

Remember that spending quality time together is more important than material gifts — so make sure you plan an activity that both partners enjoy! Play some card games together, create your own Valentine's bingo board, or have a cozy movie marathon at home.

No matter which game you decide to play, celebrating Valentine’s Day together is sure to be filled with lots of laughter and love. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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