30 Video Games for Couples to Play Together

Can you recommend some fun and engaging video games for date night?
on July 05, 2024
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Looking for your next at-home date night

Bring out your inner gamer with these video games for couples! 

Whether you're battling zombies, building a dream home, or racing to the finish line, these video games are perfect for couples looking to bond, laugh, and create unforgettable memories together. From heart-pounding cooperative missions to lighthearted puzzle-solving escapades, there's something here for every dynamic duo.

So power up those consoles, get comfy, and strengthen your relationship with a couple’s gaming session worth remembering. 

Can you play video games with your partner? 

While some people might moan or complain about their partner being glued to their Playstation, it doesn’t mean that you can’t join in! 

Multiplayer games offer couples the opportunity to strengthen their bond, with games that test their compatibility, and communication, and inspire them to collaborate in new ways. Not only that, but gameplay can also provoke new conversations about topics couples might usually steer clear of — inspiring teamwork every step of the way. 

Beyond all that bonding, playing couch co-op games together can also be a lot of fun! 

What are the best two-player video games to play with your significant other?

There are so many options for gamers to play alongside your partner, with the best video games for couples building problem-solving skills that benefit the relationship overall! 

While playing single-player video games can be fun, playing cooperative games with your partner can add a whole new level of excitement. Most of the major software have multiplayer options, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Wii, IOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac. 

So no matter what platform you’re using, there are two-player games suited to you!

Good video games for couples to enjoy together

  1. Overcooked 1 & 2: Are you good in the kitchen? In Overcooked, partners must work together in a chaotic kitchen to prepare and serve meals before time runs out. This game is perfect for couples because it requires strong communication, coordination, and collaboration. The frantic pace and unpredictable challenges make for hilarious and memorable moments, as you try not to bump into each other along the way!

  2. Lego Marvel Superheros: If you’re both big Marvel fans, this is the one for you! This game lets couples dive into the interactive Marvel Universe, playing as their favorite superheroes in a cooperative mode.

  3. Lego The Lord of the RingsSimilar to Lego Marvel, this game allows couples to explore Middle-earth together! The cooperative gameplay involves solving puzzles, battling enemies, and collecting Lego pieces. It's a great way to enjoy a beloved franchise with this classic adventure game, with your partner by your side as you go!

  4. Super Mario Bros WonderWhat’s a list of the best co-op games without some Mario? In this version, couples can navigate through colorful worlds, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies together.

  5. Minecraft: What a classic! Minecraft’s creative and survival modes are perfect for couples who enjoy building and exploring together. The split-screen feature allows both players to be on the same screen, fostering cooperation in building structures, gathering resources, and surviving in the game’s classic landscape!

  6. Wattam: If you’re looking for a more lighthearted adventure, this is the one for you! Wattam is a whimsical and quirky game where players work together to solve puzzles and make friends with various characters. 

  7. Until Dawn: Horror fans? A thrilling interactive drama, Until Dawn is perfect for couples who enjoy the scarier side of gaming. Making choices together impacts the story’s outcome, requiring constant collaboration as you work through this game’s exhilarating storyline!

  8. Luigi’s Mansion 3: While some multiplayer games have one main player and a limited side character, this is one of the best with Luigi and Gooigi having equal autonomy! Couples can team up to explore a haunted hotel, solve puzzles, and capture ghosts in a familiar Mario world.

Romantic video games for couples 

  1. Lovers in a Dangerous SpacetimeThis vibrant, fast-paced game requires couples to work together to control a spaceship, navigate through space, and defeat enemies. The forces of Anti-Love are threatening life as we know it, and it’s your and your partner's job to work together to stop it! Capture space bunnies en route and conquer various battle stations on the spaceship along the way. While it may not sound romantic at first, this rescue mission has great charm for couples!

  2. Sims 4In this classic game, couples can create and manage their own virtual families, or even recreate their own real-life scenarios! The game’s open-ended nature allows for creative collaboration and decision-making, whether it's building homes, pursuing careers, or raising children. While there isn’t an official multiplayer mode, it’s a great game to collaborate and grow together. 

Fun video games for couples

  1. Mario Kart: Everyone knows about Mario Kart, but we still had to give it a mention! Go to head-to-head in this classic racing game with those familiar visuals that we all know and love. Get competitive by releasing shells, or work together in battle mode to get the most from your collaboration! 

  2. Mario Party SuperstarWe all love Mario Party! Take part in an array of mini-games, puzzle games, and more by teaming up with your partner to step into the shoes of your most beloved characters. 

  3. Borderlands: A cooperative shooter with a humorous storyline, Borderlands allows couples to team up, complete missions, and explore a vast open world. The game’s cooperative gameplay and unique characters make for an exciting and immersive experience for you both to enjoy! 

  4. FortniteEven the non-gamers have heard of this one! In Fortnite, couples can team up to build structures, gather resources, and compete against other players to come out on top! With so many fun in-game extras to add on, you’ll never get bored of this classic game. 

  5. Guitar HeroWho’s got the better rhythm? Rock out and battle your lover with this classic musical masterpiece of a game! 

Video games for couples to play to build their relationship 

  1. A Way Out: This cooperative adventure game requires players to work together to escape from prison and survive outside! The game’s split-screen mode and interconnected storylines encourage collaboration and trust every step of the way. 

  2. Cuphead: This is a challenging run-and-gun game with a unique art style. Couples must work together to defeat difficult bosses, requiring precise coordination and communication. The game’s difficulty can be a test of patience and teamwork, but it’s highly rewarding if you come out victorious! 

  3. Don’t Starve TogetherIn this survival game, couples must collaborate to gather resources, build shelter, and survive in a hostile environment. While you might not need to fight for survival in real life, this game can inspire some great moments of teamwork and collaboration! 

  4. Moving Out 2: PIVOT! (We couldn’t resist!) This chaotic and humorous moving simulator, Moving Out 2 requires players to work together to move furniture and complete moving jobs as a team. While not quite like the task of building IKEA furniture together, it’s sure to get your hearts racing all the same. 

  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: This heartwarming game might be one player, but if you both have a console, what’s more romantic than showing each other your islands? Couples can create and customize their own island paradise, gathering resources, building structures, and interacting with villagers. The game’s relaxing pace and creative elements make it a great way to unwind and bond, with Tom Nook looking over your shoulder!

  6. It Takes Two: This cooperative adventure game is specifically designed for two players, tapping into a very specific relationship dynamic. In the game, players take on the roles of May and her husband Cody who quarrel constantly, only to have to work together to rediscover their passions, communicate, and learn from each other. 

  7. SpiritfarerDo you struggle to talk about grief or deeper topics? In Spiritfarer, couples play as ferry operators for the deceased, helping spirits move on to the afterlife. The two-player local co-op allows one player to act as the cat, with you both going on an emotional journey together. 

  8. Heave-Ho!: A physics-based party game, Heave-Ho! requires players to work together to navigate through levels using only their hands. Escape lots of laughter as you work together to complete this sweet and silly game! 

Co-op video games for couples to try

  1. Stardew ValleyIn this classic open-world game, couples can manage a farm together, growing crops, raising animals, and exploring the town. You can even date your local RPGs, but make sure you don’t make your partner jealous! 

  2. Portal 2: This puzzle game requires players to use a portal gun to solve intricate puzzles. The cooperative mode demands precise coordination and communication, making it a great way to enhance problem-solving skills and teamwork!

  3. Left 2 Dead 2While not the most romantic game, this game is super fun for couples to try together! A cooperative shooter, Left 2 Dead 2 requires players to survive against hordes of zombies. With intense visuals and strategic gameplay, you’ll be hooked! 

  4. Unturned: In this survival game, couples can team up to gather resources, build shelters, and fend off zombies as a team!

  5. Castle CrashersIf you feel like a goofy game, this is one for you both to try! Castle Crashers is a cooperative beat-em-up game that allows players to battle enemies and rescue princesses! 

  6. Smallworld: If you’re a fan of the Smallworld board game, this digital rendition will have you and your partner playing for hours! Work together to conquer territories, win battles, and emerge victorious. 

  7. Snipperclips: Want something that will train your brain as well as improve your relationship skills? In this puzzle game, players control paper characters who can cut each other into different shapes to solve puzzles. So put your thinking caps on, and get to work! 

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