55 Best Games for Couples To Play Together!

What are some games for couples to play?
on October 13, 2023
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Are you looking for your next date idea? For the perfect at-home date night with a twist, it’s time to let your competitive streak out to play! 

We’ve rounded up some of the best games for couples to play together in real life and online, to bring a new element of fun to your relationship! Grab a pack of playing cards, or whip out your problem-solving skills for the perfect game night with your romantic partner. 

Keeping score is optional!

What is a romantic game?

Couples games are a great way to spice up your date night, while also unlocking a new side to your relationship! 

Romantic games aim to foster connection, intimacy, and fun between couples, with a wide range of options available for every mood or relationship stage.  

Whether you’re looking to spice things up with strip poker or test your knowledge of your partner in the Newlywed Game, there are endless opportunities for fun with these couple games. While some of them involve a bit of a set-up, other games rely solely on you and your significant other and are perfect to whip out on your next date night. 

These two-player games are a great way to learn more about your loved one in a natural and carefree way. These fun games may seem casual but you’re guaranteed to learn even more about your partner  — while having a lot of fun! 

What kind of games do couples play?

The beauty of couple games is that they’re completely adaptable! While most people like to play by the rules, every fun couple game is flexible to your needs. 

So whether you want to test your partner with some trivia, or want to break the ice by asking some more personal questions — this is your time! Or, if you want to stick to the classic board game route, who said Scrabble isn’t sexy? 

Rather than the kind of sinister question games that gaslighters play, these couple's games are meant to be a fun way to spend a few hours with your partner. 

What are the best couple games?

The best couple games are the ones that provide a moment of connection for both you and your partner. Whether they unlock a fit of the giggles or reveal a secret scandalous story, great games showcase your potential as the perfect duet! 

Paired is all about unlocking this new dynamic in a relationship, with an array of couple games designed to start the conversation with your partner. Get in the frisky mood with the ‘Kinky Sex Bucket List’ or learn more about your partner’s love language with the ‘Physical Touch’ connection game! 

While a lot of games unleash your competitive streak, there are also games that help build your teamwork skills. No matter what game you decide to play on your next date night, these opportunities for fun could be just what your relationship needs. 

Card games for couples 

  1. Poker: Whether you’ve mastered your poker face or not, this game can be super fun for couples — even if you have to adjust the rules to make it more duo-friendly! Raise the stakes by adding in money or dares as the rewards. 

  2. Uno: Is it childish? Absolutely not! Throw out an old uno-reverse card into the gameplay for some extra action. 

  3. Blackjack: It may not be a Vegas casino, but there is still plenty of room for fun with this classic card game. Whether you have your betting hats on or not, it can easily be adapted for couple-friendly gameplay. 

  4. Cards Against Humanity: This card game is certainly a little spicier! Even though a little less PG, there are some great rounds guaranteed if you both agree to let loose. 

  5. Sushi Go!: Want to elevate your next sushi night? Grab this game from the shelf and get ready to get competitive! With simple rules and delicious-looking cards, this quick-fire game is the perfect thing to up your appetite!

Board games for couples 

  1. Scrabble: Dust off your dictionaries and get stuck into a game of Scrabble. While it may seem cheesy, as you sit by a cozy fire, you’ll be surprised by the heat of your growing competitive streak! 

  2. Jenga: A classic game of precision and risky moves, this game is perfect for a duo — with sabotage tactics not recommended!

  3. Monopoly: Similar to building IKEA furniture, Monopoly could be the foundation or the failure of your relationship! 

  4. Hive: For our nature-loving couples, this tactical game is perfect for you. In your quest to save the queen bee, you and your partner go head-to-head in this classic game. 

  5. Pandemic: While you may not want to reminisce about the COVID-19 days, this strategic game is still super fun for your next game night. With the fate of humanity in your hands, who’s going to come out as the hero? 

Sexy games for couples 

  1. Strip poker: This one needs no explanation! Spice up your next date night with this sexy twist on the card game. We have a feeling you might get a bit distracted during this one… 

  2. F**k, marry, kill: Learn more about your partner in this classic (& savage) party game. Discover your partner’s greatest celebrity crush, and try to devise the most impossible combo to win! 

  3. Fantasy Pictionary: We all love a game of Pictionary, but why not mix things up by creating your own sexy version? Create your own dirty version for extra fun. 

  4. Sexy dice: Pick up a pair of sexy dice to add a very frisky twist to your next date night. From sex positions to dirty talk prompts, these dice will keep you going all night long. 

  5. Yes/No/Maybe: The Paired app has a range of sexy games for couples to choose from. Our current favorite? Try out the Yes/No/Maybe sex list to discover what’s on the menu in the bedroom. 

Talking games for couples 

  1. Truth or dare: It’s a classic for a reason! Play a few rounds of truth or dare to unlock a new side to your partner, and reveal a few secrets along the way. 

  2. Newlywed game: Just walked down the aisle? You may have said your vows but how well do you really know each other? Go head-to-head with our Newlywed game. 

  3. 20 questions: If you’re looking for a bonus round, this classic game is a great excuse to ask all the questions you’ve just been dying to know! You officially have a free pass to be curious!

  4. Guess the lyrics: Get the tunes rolling and test your partner’s knowledge of your music taste! Play a few seconds of the song and see if can they continue the lyrics — humming is not allowed! 

  5. Roleplaying: Take on the role of a lifetime with this roleplaying game! Get your partner to guess your character for extra points, or you can even go all out with some costumes if you want to win that Oscar!

Party games for couples 

  1. Karaoke: It’s time to whip out your party piece! Blast the tunes and put your partner on the mic —- things might even escalate to a dance-off… 

  2. Scavenger hunt: Don’t wait around for the Easter Bunny! Plan out the perfect romantic scavenger hunt for your next at-home date night. If you’re determined to still get competitive, include a few game rounds along the way. If they win — they can proceed on the hunt!

  3. Twister: Test out your flexibility with this classic game! If you’re playing alone, no one said nudity was against the rules. 

  4. Whisper Challenge: This game requires a few extra participants but could be very fun to get some extra giggles at your next double date. 

  5. Love Bingo: Couples Bingo is a fun way to check in on your relationship — with fully customizable cards available online for you to try! 

Conversation starter games for couples 

  1. The Love Test: Put your relationship to the test by competing against each other in a series of fun challenges and questions! Gain points and see who comes out on top! 

  2. How well do you know me?: With a range of quizzes and questions available online, it’s fun to put your knowledge of your partner to the test! 

  3. Complete my sentence: Are you in sync with your partner? Put your compatibility to the test with this cute couples game.

  4. Secret stories: It’s time to spill all your secrets! Level up your storytelling skills by revealing your deepest secrets to your loved one. 

  5. Fill in the blanks: From music lyrics to quotes from your favorite novel, get your partner to fill in the blanks on sentences of your choice! (Think of it as a kind of a hangman!) 

Long-distance relationship games for couples 

  1. Would you rather?: Everyone loves a few rounds of ‘Would You Rather?’ with couples coming up with the wildest options possible! Or if you’re feeling like a riskier rendition of this game, the option is yours!

  2. Never Have I Ever: This game is super fun if you’re just starting out in your relationship, as it’s a carefree way to reveal some past details — with some surprising truths always coming out! 

  3. Two Truths and a Lie: It’s time to put your detective hat on and get to the bottom of the mystery that your partner lays before you! Call them out on their lies or be surprised by the truth — this game will keep you on your toes!

  4. Let’s Get Deep: We’ve gone beyond the icebreaker rounds, it’s time to get to the deep stuff! Ask your partner deep questions on Skype or via text and learn more about your partner in this fun game.  

  5. Draw Something!: While the online game is a thing of the past, there’s no reason you can’t continue the tradition. Go the old-fashioned way and challenge your partner to a drawing contest — the wackier the inspiration the better! (Send photos back and forth to showcase your creations! 

Video games for couples 

  1. Mario Kart: This game has been a favorite amongst couples for years, and with good reason! Choose your favorite vehicle and race against your loved one — it might be wise to make a pact about blue shells! 

  2. Stardew Valley: If you’re a fan of this roleplay world, did you know that there is a multiplayer version? Join the same world as a farmhand and help your partner reach new success! 

  3. Mario Party Superstars!: For our Nintendo Switch owners, this party game is the perfect way to elevate your usual board game night. Go head-to-head and fight your way to finish in this fun-filled game. 

  4. Fortnite: If you’re willing to get a bit more adventurous, this game always has the right amount of twists and turns to keep everyone entertained! Even any onlookers you may have peeking in! 

  5. Animal Crossing: A lockdown favorite, this wholesome game is even more fun with the help of your significant other! Invite your partner to your island and trade supplies to build the world you always wanted — Tom Nook would be proud! 

Drinking games for couples 

  1. Truth or Drink: Scrap the dares for the daiquiris with this fun twist on the classic game! Play well or you’ll be tipsy in no time. 

  2. Most Likely To: Get ready to tease your partner with this fun game! Who’s most likely to eat the last slice of pizza? Or who’s most likely to finish first? Get creative (or spicy) with this game! 

  3. Drunk Pictionary: This may be one of the most adaptable games on the market! Add a few drinks, with sips taken for how long it takes your partner to guess your wonderfully creative picture! 

  4. Charades: This game is perfect to whip out before a night out with your friends. For every minute that it takes for your partner to guess the movie — that’s a shot for you! 

  5. Eye Contact: This one may just be an excuse to take a drink… With the first person to blink having to drink a shot of their choice! 

Online games for couples 

  1. Exploding Kittens: This highly strategic game is like a cute cat version of Russian Roulette! If someone draws an Exploding Kitten — BOOM, they’re out! 

  2. Battleship: As another strategy-type guessing game, the online version can keep you entertained for hours. 

  3. Words with Friends: Take your Scrabble skills online with this classic puzzle game. Keep your mind sharp and your eyes peeled as you battle it on the board for the ultimate victory! 

  4. Psych: This game is perfect for your next house party with your partner! Download the app and get as many players as you can involved. Buckle up and prepare for all your secrets to be revealed in this brilliant party game! 

  5. Heads Up!: Whether you want to keep it classic with a Charades round, or to spice it up with your pop culture knowledge, the videos from this game are a guaranteed laugh for all involved! 

Road-trip games for couples 

  1. Road-Trip Bingo: If you’re sitting pretty as the passenger prince or princess, take the time to devise the perfect road trip bingo game to make the hours pass faster! 

  2. License Plate Anagrams: Make a game out of the rush hour traffic with this anagram game. Get creative and the time will pass in no time!   

  3. Guess the Song: Grab control of the AUX cord and test your partner’s knowledge on your Spotify favorites! 

  4. I Spy: Not just for kids, this classic car game can keep you going for hours. For the sake of your partner, try and get a bit more creative than ‘C’ for a car! 

  5. Speaking in Song: Another one for our drama school kids! Can you think of a song that will keep the conversation going? Communicate back in forth — with song lyrics only! It might spice up the conversation as the hours tick by! 

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