25 Weeknight Date Ideas

Fun date ideas you can do during the week
weeknight date ideas

When you work or study full-time it’s frustratingly difficult to fit in some quality time with your partner. Coming up with weeknight date ideas when you have to juggle work, life admin, and self-care isn’t easy, especially since you only have a few hours to spend together at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of weeknight dates.

You might be tempted to leave the date nights to the weekend, but there are plenty of ways to turn those few free hours during the work week into an opportunity for fun.

We’ve compiled the best weeknight date ideas that won’t sacrifice your precious eight hours of sleep or leave you tired and groggy the next day.

25 fun weeknight date ideas

1. Cook a new recipe 

Spice things up (literally, if you want to) and try a new recipe to inject a sense of novelty. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a culinary pro or a total novice, the goal is to try something new together. Put your phones on do not disturb so you can fully focus on each other — and the stove!

2. Unwind with a puzzle

Find the most challenging puzzle and tackle it together in just one night.

3. Workout together

If you have the energy, hit the gym or a workout class with your lover. Not only will you get your daily exercise done while spending time with your boo, but research shows that couples who sweat together, stay together.

4. Read side by side

Sometimes, silence is golden. Cuddle up with your SO, dim the lights, and finally start that book you’ve been telling yourself to read.

5. Play strip Twister

This is a sexy twist(er) on a classic party game. You’re guaranteed some laughs, and if the positions get dirty enough, it might even turn into excellent foreplay.

6. Have a game marathon on Paired

The Paired app has a whole library of couple games that help you learn more about your partner in a fun way and strengthen your bond. To make a night out of it, pour yourselves a drink, set a timer, and see how well you really know each other. 

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7. Make mocktails

Become mixologists for the night, but without the hangover on the next day. Make virgin versions of your favorite cocktails, or invent a new recipe that represents you as a couple. Are you sweet? Spicy? Colorful?   

8. Play mini golf

Fancy a wholesome throwback? Feel like kids again and recreate the ultimate teenage date experience. Whoever loses has to buy dinner!

9. Book a couples massage

What better way to de-stress after a workday than with a deep tissue massage, side-by-side? If you feel like splashing the cash, go all out and book a couple of facials as well. 

10. Have a staycation

Pretend like you’re on holiday and engage in a healthy dose of escapism for the night. Book a night in a fancy hotel, order room service, and relish lounging around in some plush bathrobes. 

11. Have a deep conversation

When was the last time you and your partner stayed up all night just… talking? When day-to-day life gets in the way, we can forget to make time for in-depth conversations about our life goals, fears, and dreams. To get you started, we put together 40 questions to ask on your next date night — or check out our library of question packs on the Paired app.

12. Host a themed dinner party

Have your friends over for a weeknight dinner, but with a theme. Pick a cuisine or a time period and have everyone bring a specific dish to complete the meal. 

13. Take a moonlit stroll

Take a romantic evening walk together around your neighborhood, or get away from the city and find somewhere quieter. Enjoy the sunset and evening light and allow conversations to flourish while you walk side-by-side. 

14. Have breakfast for dinner

Craving pancakes but don’t have time to make them in the morning? Not a problem, just whip up a batch for dinner and enjoy them in bed with your partner.

15. Deep clean your house

It might not sound like the most romantic date, but cleaning your living space can be a great way to bond with your partner. And that way, you can spend your weekend doing what you enjoy without worrying about lingering chores.

16. Netflix and Chill

If it ain’t broke, right? Bingeing on your favorite streaming service is more beneficial than you’d think. Research found that couples who watch TV shows and movies together experience a deeper connection. This is perfect if you’re looking for a zero-effort weeknight date idea. Just make it intentional by picking something neither of you has ever watched and turning your phones off (or leaving them in another room). 

17. Play trivia

Whether online or IRL at your local bar, test your general knowledge and see how well you work as a team by challenging yourselves to a trivia quiz.

18. Learn your love languages

The Love Language framework was created by marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman as a way to help you understand how you prefer to receive and express affection. Spend the evening taking the love language quiz and then coming up with 10 different ways you can both express each other’s love language. If you feel like it, find out what your apology language is, too.  

19. Play dirty “would you rather”

The premise of this classic icebreaker game is simple: you’re given two different scenarios and have to pick which one you’d choose. Add a sexual element to the game and get to know each other’s fantasies and desires, or explore new sexual interests. Check out our dirty “would you rather” questions for some inspo. 

20. Do a blindfold food or drink taste test

How savvy are your tastebuds? Hit the grocery store and pick different brand versions of your favorite snacks and drinks, then take turns blindfolding each other to see if you can recognize which brand is which. 

21. Make a couples bucket list 

Research shows that working towards a shared goal as a couple, as well as perceived partner support for individual goals, were both related to increased happiness in relationships. Make a date out of it and plan 10 things you want to accomplish together. 

22. Have a relationship check-in 

Relationship check-ins are a time for you and your partner to air out any anxieties you might have and involve each other in whatever’s going on in your lives. It’s a great way to take stock of your relationship and intentionally connect. Have a check-in while you’re sharing a meal at the end of the day, when you’re both relaxed and in good spirits.

23. “Rock, paper, scissors” dinner

Head on over to the grocery store to recreate this viral TikTok date night. The game consists of playing a round of “rock, paper, scissors” for each meal element (starter, main, side dish, and dessert). Whoever wins the round gets to pick what to eat. You can either pick your favorite thing, your partner’s favorite thing or pick something neither of you has ever eaten before. 

24. Hit up a fun fair

Shake up your week with a trip to the nearest fun fair. The queues give you a chance to chat and get to know each other better, the people-watching makes for endless entertainment, and the adrenaline rush from the rides gets your heart pumping. Eating cotton candy and taking a cute photobooth picture is a must! 

25. Have a candlelit bubble bath

It doesn’t get much more intimate than a bubble bath. Draw a hot bath, light some scented candles, and feel your stress melt away while wrapped in your lover’s embrace. A glass of bubbly is optional but recommended.

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