18 Apps for Couples To Grow Closer Every Day

What are the best apps for couples?
on September 15, 2023
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by Moraya Seeger DeGeare

These days, there’s an app for almost everything. 

While dating apps have a natural expiration date, apps for couples promise to bring something more lasting to your relationship. If you’re sick of doomscrolling through your social media, it could be time to start investing in your relationship — with a range of couples apps to choose from. 

With couples apps known to boost relationship satisfaction and communication, we think they’re something worth spending your screen time on! 

What is a couples app? 

Unlike dating apps, relationship or couples apps are designed to help those who are already together improve or build on their existing connection. 

Although they may not be as well known as Hinge or Bumble, these apps focus solely on your connection with your significant other and allow you to practice love every day. 

Since every couple has different needs, there’s a relationship app for almost every requirement sitting in the app store — waiting for you to try it out! 

Is there an app to help with couples? 

There are an array of apps designed to help couples, whether it’s designed to help you remember important dates like birthdays or anniversaries, or to remind you to pay your bills! 

While some are focused on helping couples with practical aspects of their relationship, there are also a number of apps that help romantic pairings connect on a deeper level. 

Speaking from an entirely non-biased perspective, Paired is one of these kind of apps. With expert-led and researched couple games, quizzes, and questions, our app is designed with your relationship at its core — boosting intimacy and connection in a fun and fresh way. 

As believers in the practice of love, our app aims to bring your relationship into focus on a daily basis, inspiring you to connect with your loved one in new ways. Now that sounds like a pretty helpful app to us… 

What are the benefits of relationship apps for couples?
  • Improved communication: At their core, relationship apps encourage couples to communicate more openly and honestly. While some things are more difficult to talk through in person, these couples apps can provide new avenues for communication — making it easy to talk about topics you may never have even thought of!
  • Bonding: With our hectic schedules, it can be hard to make bonding time for you and your partner. With quick-fire quizzes and questions, it’s easy to bond in real-time, no matter how far apart you are. Your partner’s answers may surprise you at times, but it’s a fun opportunity to bond over your compatibility too!
  • Intimacy: When you’re in a relationship, intimacy doesn’t just revolve around your sex life. Couples apps aim to boost intimacy in all aspects of your partnership, and since some love apps offer sexy couples games, that can include the bedroom too!
  • Shared memories: Every couple has a love story, and it’s fun to walk down memory lane from time to time! With Paired, you have access to a Timeline feature, so you can keep track of all your special dates and shared memories — making it easy to see how far you’ve come in your relationship journey.
  • Relationship advice: Even if you class yourself as a bit of a relationship expert, everyone needs advice from time to time. With expert-led advice, couples apps offer solutions for a range of queries, from how to deal with long-distance relationships to understanding each other’s love language.
  • Goal setting: Every healthy relationship has goals for the future, with happy couples tending to work towards shared dreams. It can be helpful to check in with your relationship goals and see how far you’ve come along the way.
  • Daily connection: While date night is important, couples should try and make time to connect on a daily basis. Apps eliminate the ‘too busy’ excuse, by making it easy to connect with your partner, with notifications reminding you to take part!

Best apps for couples to boost your relationship 

No matter what you’re in the market for, there are a number of apps that promise to improve your relationship. So whether you’re looking for couples games or relationship advice, we’ve got you covered! 

1. Paired 

Okay, okay — maybe we are biased. 

At Paired, we are passionate about relationships, with our app centered around having meaningful conversations with your partner. Along with a daily question, we have created an abundance of expertly researched quizzes and games on an array of relationship topics, from sex & intimacy to communication. 

These resources are designed to help you practice love on a daily basis, with 80% of users' credit Paired with improving their couple communication and satisfaction.*

But if you’re not willing to take our word for it, we’re available on both IOS and Android, so you can see for yourself

2. Between 

If you’re in love, Between could be the mobile app for you! 

With in-app messaging, photo-sharing options, and shared calendars — while sharing a selfie may seem like a small step, making the effort to stay connected will benefit your relationship over time!

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, this app is available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play store, so you’ve no excuses not to give it a go! 

3. Love Nudge 

Deemed the ‘personal assistant’ for your relationship, this app is based on love language theory! 

This app invites all users to take the 5 Love Languages quiz so that they can understand how your partner can make you feel loved. With goal-setting, to-do lists, and progress tracking, this app promises to provide you with relationship support where you really need it. 

4. Evergreen: Relationship Growth 

Want to grow your relationship? 

Evergreen promises to help couples grow together to build, healthy, lasting relationships. Just like your favorite plant, this app lets you shine a light on your strengths as a couple, water your connection, and give roots to your relationship. 

(Plant puns are not included in any in-app purchases…) 

5. Official

This app is all about creating healthy relationship habits. 

If you’re running out of date ideas, this app helps you plan your next date night — whether around the world, at home, or even virtually.

6. Lasting

This couples app is designed to solve any relationship issues with a therapy program. 

With a focus on married couples, with parenting issues also dealt with, this app leverages scientific research to help you build a lasting relationship. 

7. Countdown 

This app is perfect for long-distance couples who are counting down the days until they’re reunited. 

Or, even if you’re not apart, this is a great app to countdown to any special events that you have coming up. From holidays to anniversaries, never miss your special days ever again!

8. Gottman Card Decks 

From the founders of the Gottman Institute, this couples game is all about tapping into your love tank. 

If you’re looking for some new conversation starters, this card game is the perfect way to renew your connection with your loved ones, while also trying out the Gottman Method

9. Kindu 

Looking for new date night ideas? Kindu is about to be your new best friend. 

Spice up your dating routine with a range of romantic ideas, from the bedroom to the ballroom. Discover what your partner loves and get planning! 

10. Pathshare 

We’re all guilty of checking our partner’s location from time to time — it’s nothing to be ashamed about!

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, or just want to make sure that your partner got home okay, this app accesses your real-time location so you can see where your loved one is! 

11. Raft 

Struggling to schedule your next date night? Couples calendars apps have your back. 

Raft allows you to share your calendar with your partner, so you can keep track of your upcoming plans, and even send invites through the app. 

12. Rave 

When you’re apart from your loved one, it’s normal to miss a bit of Netflix and chill. 

This app promises the next best thing with features that allow you and your partner to watch your favorite shows as a couple — no matter where in the world you’re tuning in from. 

13. Lovewick 

In a relationship, you never stop learning about each other — and that’s what Lovewick is all about. 

As a free couples app, this platform is designed to bring couples together with a library of fun couple questions & fresh date ideas! 

14. Desire 

Are you a competitive couple? Desire is a couple's game that challenges creativity and aims to push you and your loved one into new adventures. 

With a range of dares, quizzes, and private messaging, this app brings a new competitive edge to connection — spicing up your love life in the process!  

15. Been Together 

It’s a common question from friends and family, ‘How long have you guys been together?’

To save you from stuttering, and doing some quick math, this app tells you exactly how long you have been with your lover at a glance. 

16. Coupleness

This app believes that relationships have a significant impact on our health and happiness in our lives — and we agree. 

With a range of features, this app prompts you to invest in your relationship, dedicating your time to answering quizzes and questions about your partner. 

17. TouchNote

For us sentimental folk, when it comes to presents, the card is arguably the best part!

This app encourages you to surprise your partner with personalized cards — no matter the occasion. So if you forgot to pick up a card, don’t fret quite yet. 

18. Bliss 

Think it’s time to kick things up a notch in the bedroom? 

Bliss is a game for couples to play in bed! Even though it has a number of spicy features, its focus is more on the romantic element of physical intimacy — so is perfect if you want to ease yourself in! 

Some other helpful apps for couples

Budgeting apps for couples

Whether you’re saving for your first house, or pinching pennies for your next big holiday, it isn’t always easy to stick to your budget. This is where apps like Mint, Honeydue, and GoodBudget come in handy. 

These budgeting apps for couples help you both stick to a strict budget, manage your goals, and take the stress out of savings! Find the complete list of the best budgeting apps for couples here

Apps for long-distance couples

Everyone knows that long-distance relationships can be tough. If Facetime calls just aren’t cutting it, apps like TouchNote, Locket, and Journey could be just what you need. 

For new ways to share photos, video chat, and schedule dates, explore the complete list of apps for long-distance couples here

Calendar apps for couples

When life gets hectic, it can feel like there’s no time left for romance in your life! This is where apps like Cupla, TimeTree & Whee come in handy, taking the stress out of booking your next date night. 

For all your date-night planning needs, explore the complete list of calendar apps for couples here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the app for couples that asks questions every day?

    Paired encourages couples to answer questions every day, with your partner’s answer not visible until you’ve answered yourself! This allows for open and honest communication, inspiring new conversations and moments of connection on a daily basis.
  • What are the best apps for couples to share photos?

    There are a number of ways for couples to share couples. Paired allows users to create a Timeline out of all their photos together, making the most out of every memory. Or, if you’re interested in sending photos back and forth, there are other options such as Between or even Whatsapp.
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