The Best Sexy Games for Couples

Spice up your next date night with these 43 game ideas
by Paired
sexy games for couples

Looking for a steamy alternative to Netflix and chill? From role-play to foreplay, look no further for the most erotic games for couples. Whether you want to add some fun to date night or spice up game night, we’ve got you covered. 

Fun sexy games for couples

Put a steamy twist on the classics to spice things up in the bedroom (or wherever the mood takes you). If you’re a new couple wanting to get to know each other better or just a little stuck in a rut, these ideas will be sure to take things up a notch.

1. Truth or dare

Mix intimate truth questions with naughty dares. Be spontaneous or spend some time preparing juicy dares in advance. Bring in vibrators, ice cubes, new sex positions, or a striptease… The only limit is your imagination!

2. Would you rather

Get to know your partner’s secret fantasies with dirty would you rather questions. Make it as intimate or as raunchy as you like — you’re bound to learn something new.

3. Naked Twister

Combine classic Twister with a striptease as you go, or simply start off naked. A fun and flexible way to get to know each other better.

4. Never have I ever

Put a naughty twist on the standard drinking game and learn more about your partner’s sexual or romantic history and kinks. If you haven’t done something on the list yet… What are you waiting for?

5. Strip Jenga

There’s nothing sexier than heightened tension and expectation. Remove a piece of clothing for every misstep — you’ll be desperate for a crash!

6. F*ck, marry, kill

Explore each other’s fantasy sex lives. A great starting place for role play — why not pretend to be each other’s most popular choice and get to know each other better?

7. Blind man’s buff

Put a steamy twist on this parlor game by blindfolding each other and aiming to give as much pleasure as possible before the time limit is up. Toys, vibrators, touch, and kissing — you’ll be seeing stars!

8. Dress up

Take turns to dress each other in your favorite sexy accessories, lingerie, makeup, and anything else you can get your hands on. Almost as much fun as taking the clothes off…

9. Fantasy Pictionary

Get creative by revealing your deepest fantasies in picture form. Guess correctly? Act it out! Bonus points for combining Pictionary with life drawing and starting (or ending) by getting naked.

10. Roleplay

Let your desires run wild by acting out your favorite role-play fantasies. Try wigs, costumes, accents, new locations… The perfect way to get to know another side of your partner and yourself.

11. Number jar

Fill a piece of paper with numbers 1-20, corresponding to different body parts. Pick out a number and get creative: ice cubes, food, vibrators... So long as it focuses on the body part you’ve chosen, anything goes!

12. Photoshoot

Stage an erotic photo session to memorialize an epic date night… Have fun with lighting, accessories, and poses. Works just as well as a long-distance couples game.

13. Sexy dice

Head to your favorite sex shop for a special adult sex dice game, ideal to spice up your love life. Roll for special instructions, new positions, and other inspiration that will be well worth a gamble.

14. Two truths and a lie

Get to know another side of your partner with a sexy twist on this classic. Talk about your favorite positions, sexual experiences, kinks, and fantasies to bring something new to the conversation.

15. Ready for take-off

Think of this as a striptease with audience participation… The goal is to remove your partner’s clothing with nothing but your mouth. Set time limits or wear something challenging, or make it as easy as you can. 

16. Storytime

Read erotic fiction to your partner, or better yet, create it yourself. Let your imagination run wild as the steamy scenes and erotic scenarios get your inspiration flowing.

17. Yes/no/maybe

Find new experiences to share with your partner by writing a list of things you do, don’t, and might want to do. See where you match up and take it from there!

18. Erotic Mad Libs

Make your own prompts or find some online to get the creative juices flowing. Start off with a steamy idea and see where it takes you!

19. Time for dessert

The tastiest foreplay game around… Use your partner’s favorite ice cream, toppings, and other sweet treats to get them in the mood. The twist? Your naked body is the plate. Get ready to be their favorite flavor.

20. Guessing game

Drive your partner’s senses wild with feathers, vibrators, massage… Anything you can get your hands on! The only rule is they have to guess what you’re using, so get creative.

21. Ice, ice, baby

Play around with temperature by teasing your partner with ice cubes. Prefer to heat things up? Try warming chocolate or whipped cream and painting your partner’s body. Even more fun if combined with a blindfold or hand ties. Just remember to be careful. 

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22. Pillow fight

Not all touch has to be slow and seductive! Get into (or out of) your favorite lingerie and have fun with this sleepover classic. Bonus points for tickles. 

23. Taste test

Blindfold your partner, feed them their favorite treats, and have them guess. Don’t forget prizes for when they get it right! They’ll be begging for more.

24. Hide and seek

Who doesn’t love the thrill of the chase? Have your partner search for the ultimate prize: you. Make it as simple or elaborate as you like, with clues, special locations, or tests to throw them off the scent.

25. Boss for the day

If you’re a couple that likes to switch up power dynamics, why not give one partner control for the day? Have them tell you what to wear, what to do, and how to do it…

26. Rip each other’s clothes off

Get some old or cheap clothing that you don’t mind getting damaged and just go wild… The winner is the first person to get the other one naked!

27. Tie each other up

If you like power play, why not try this bondage game where you tie your partner to the bed and tease them with whatever’s to hand? Invest in some kinky cuffs to set the scene!

Sexy card games for couples

A dirty deck of cards can be just what you need to liven things up. From conversation starters to raunchy suggestions, pick a card and see where it takes you.

28. Use Your Mouth

Conversation starters are designed to increase intimacy. Use Your Mouth asks the questions you need to take your relationship to the next level.

29. Strip poker

This classic sexy couple game blends competition with striptease. Take a gamble on spicing up your love life — the stakes couldn’t be higher!

30. Nookii

This erotic card game uses your bodies instead of a board. Detailed cards combined with a blindfold will take you out of your comfort zone and into each other’s arms.

31. Better Together – Spicier

Get to know your partner’s fantasies with these sexy conversation starters. Sure to ramp up your sex life at any stage of a relationship.

32. Fantasy box

Why not make your own erotic card game? Simply write down your fantasies, desires, and steamy promises, add them to a box or bag, and pick them out whenever the mood takes you. Perfect for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or any time you’re feeling naughty!

33. Pleasure Oracle

Designed to stimulate intimacy, this adult deck of cards won’t just get blood flowing to your brain. Spice up your sex life with these erotic ideas and insights.

34. Sexy Playing Cards

Make sexy rules for a standard set of playing cards, shuffle the deck, and see what you get! Spades mean using a sex toy, and four means trying to tickle each other for four minutes… Don’t forget the wildcards! 

Board games

Sex up games night with these board games for couples. From steamy twists on classics or special adult activities, you’ll both be the winner.

35. Loopy

An adult board game that will get you all in a twist… Spin the spinner and see where it takes you. Blindfold included, so you’re good to go.

36. Sexy Monopoly (Sexopoly?)

Money, power… This game has got it all. Spice up the classic board game by adding your own forfeits and challenges. Get out of jail free with a spontaneous striptease…

37. Strip Scrabble

They say actions speak louder than words! For every point you win, remove a piece of clothing. Bonus points if you can spell out some of your deepest desires…

Sexy online games for couples

Get connected via tech? Whether you’re long-distance or looking to spice things up together, there are some great apps to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

Don't miss our list with the best online games for couples.

38. iKamasutra

Available via Apple or Android, this app brings the wisdom of the kama sutra straight to your phone. You’re guaranteed to be inspired by new positions and sexy ideas.

39. Long-distance love life

Many sexy games for couples can be taken online to keep your long-distance spark alive. Visit Paired for tailored advice on strip sexting and digital truth or dare.

40. Emoji game

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so use emojis to spell out to your partner what you’d like to do to each other. A quirky way to heighten anticipation before seeing each other.

41. Hot truth or dare

This app gives you all the fun of Truth or Dare while on the go. If you want to add a little inspiration and spontaneity to your sex life, this is the game for you.

42. Sexting role play

Get into character and start foreplay before you’re even together by sexting as each other’s fantasy conquest. Bonus points for photos, gifs, and voice notes to really get in the mood.

43. The Paired app

The Paired app is packed with conversation starters, question packs, and games on sex and intimacy. 

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