12 Long-Distance Relationship Games for Couples to Get Closer With

Fun and flirty online long-distance relationship games
by Sarah Finley
long distance relationship games

Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t just have to be about the tearful airport goodbyes and the painful time spent apart, especially now that there are tons of online games for long-distance couples to stay connected. 

Playing games can be a great way for you to bring fun back into the relationship and explore each other’s views and attitudes towards situations, whether you’re on opposite sides of the world or not. 

Playfulness can also help you grow closer to your partner and give your relationship longevity.  According to relationship psychologist Dr. John Gottman, couples who take time to keep up to date on the details (however small) of their partner’s “inner worlds” can weather the ups and downs stronger as a team. 

Research also suggests that playfulness can help reduce conflict and monotony, keeping things interesting for couples in long-distance relationships. 

Online games have become increasingly popular for long-distance couples as they allow you and your partner to feel connected when you’re miles away from each other. More importantly, it reminds you that their thinking about you.

Stuck on ideas? Here are the most fun long-distance relationship games for you and your partner to try. 

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What games we can play in a long-distance relationship?

1. Would you rather

This game is as fun as it is insightful and gives you a chance to bring some silliness into your relationship, even if you’re not in the same room. Ask each other fun questions like “Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?” Or something more serious like “Would you rather have no one come to your wedding or your funeral?” If you’re feeling flirty, you could also opt for dirty would you rather questions

2. Wordle

If you both love words and regularly bond over your knowledge of the written word, then this five-letter word guessing game is for you. The online game, which is perfect for long-distance couples, sees you guessing a new five-letter word each day. Share your score with your partner every day and try and beat them at guessing it. No cheating though!

3. Hangman 

This may remind you of your teenage years but it’s a fun game to play.  Either choose an app to play it on or take turns thinking of a word and physically drawing the man.  How old school!

4. Paired 

The Paired app has an endless list of Couple Games designed to bring couples closer together, perfect for long-distance relationships. Test your partner's knowledge on everything from dreams and beliefs, to sexual desires and childhood memories, challenge each other and see who wins. 

5. Charades

Games to play in a long-distance relationship don't get any better than charades, which can be played on Zoom, Whatsapp video, or FaceTime.  Alternate between acting out the thing, place, or movie. Don’t take it seriously though — no one likes a sore loser!

6. Online Scrabble 

Another one for word lovers, which doesn’t even need to be done face to face. Sign up for an app and start the game. Your partner will be notified as soon as you’ve taken your turn. If you want it to get steamy, try spelling out things you want to do to them the next time you see them.

7. Never have I ever 

This game can be played as a flirty one, with a few alcoholic drinks if you prefer. It’s one long-distance game you don’t need to plan in much detail, so can be instigated on the spur of the moment,  getting sexier as the questions continue. Take it in turn to reveal a “Never have I ever” scenario, then drink if you’ve done it. Are you teetotal? Not to worry, it’s just as fun without the booze. 

8. Let’s get Deep 

This card came is a great way to get to know each other better,  especially if you’re in a new long-distance relationship.  Slip half of the pack into your partner's suitcase before they leave you and use Zoom to talk through the different cards.  You’ll feel more connected with every question.

9. Strip poker 

Did someone say strip poker? No partner could resist a round of this sexy game, it’s the next best thing to ripping each other’s clothes off IRL! You can play it in an app or simply via video call, but. we’re sure you won’t be playing it for long!

10. Two truths and a lie 

You might think this is just an ice-breaker game, but this long-distance couples game is a great way to test just how well you know each other. Take turns saying three statements about yourself — two of them must be true, and one should be fabricated. Then, simply try and get your partner to guess which one is the lie. The loser has to take a shot or do a dare.

11. Uno

You may already be familiar with this beloved card game in person, but you can play it on their app too. The first player to get rid of their cards is the winner. This game can get a little vicious at times though, so make sure what goes on in the UNO app stays in the UNO app.

12.  Truth or dare 

Last but not least, we can’t forget about this classic. We all know how this one works: choose truth or dare when it’s your turn and ask questions to get to know each other better. Dares could be silly or sexy — you decide.

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