27 Birthday Date Ideas for Couples to Celebrate!

What are some creative birthday date ideas for my partner?
on June 26, 2024
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Birthdays are the perfect excuse to sprinkle a little extra magic into your relationship! Whether you're celebrating your first year together or a milestone anniversary, planning a memorable birthday date can reignite the spark and create lasting memories.

So, if you’re planning a special birthday celebration for your loved one, we have some birthday date ideas that will make them feel extra special. 

Whether you're treasure hunting across the city, or dancing the night away, each moment is designed to bring you closer together. Just don’t forget to incorporate a cake and candles wherever you can! 

Or, if you’re here for some last-minute birthday ideas, make sure you give yourself some more planning time next year with our Paired special date reminders! 

What is the best date for your birthday?

When it comes to planning birthday dates, the pressure is on! 

While some people love to be in the limelight on their birthday, your partner might prefer something more thoughtful and low-key with just the two of you. It’s all about tapping into how well you know your partner and seeing if they drop any hints for you along the way. 

If you’re stumped for ideas, we suggest using the Paired app to harvest some of the much-needed clues! A big birthday bash? Or, a quiet night in? Chocolate or vanilla cake? You’d be surprised what hints are left behind when you opt for daily connection. 

What are some unique and memorable birthday date ideas?

There are so many birthday ideas for couples, with an array of options tailored to fit your partner on their special day. 

If you need some ideas to get you started, these are some of our favorite date ideas for couples looking to make their partner’s birthday extra special! 

Unique birthday date ideas for couples 

  1. Scavenger huntWaking up on your birthday to a carefully planned scavenger hunt, with your birthday gifts hidden at spots along the route — that’s the dream! Treat your loved one to a sweet birthday surprise with this date idea. For the final stop, make their special day worth remembering with a birthday brunch! 

  2. Food truck crawl: Does your partner struggle to choose their favorite takeaway? Take the guesswork out of it and spoil your significant other with choice with this date idea. Fill up on delicious food on your route but leave room for cake at the end! 

  3. Axe throwing: Coming up with unique birthday ideas can be tough work… So why not channel that energy into this fun date idea? It certainly won’t be what they’re expecting. 

  4. Road trip: Taking a day trip for your birthday can make it feel like a real adventure! Take it up a notch with a fully planned road trip through the countryside. If your partner loves surprises, keep the route to yourself and see if they can guess where you’re going… 

  5. Skydiving: Ticking off a bucket list item on your birthday? Yes, please. Make it a birthday celebration to remember by organizing a skydive with your loved one! (But maybe run this one by them first!) 

  6. Hot air balloon ride: Take your love to the skies! Now this isn’t the kind of birthday party they will forget in a hurry. Make your partner’s birthday feel extra special by organizing a hot air balloon ride for them to enjoy. A little birdie told us it’s also a pretty special proposal idea, but you didn’t hear that from us! 

Fun birthday date ideas for couples 

  1. Escape room: Make your birthday plans about teamwork with an escape room! This is a great one for a double date, with everyone celebrating together, with a few laughs guaranteed. 

  2. Amusement park: Does your partner want to feel like a big kid on their birthday? Well, this is the PERFECT date for you to enjoy together! Spend the day riding rollercoasters and getting the giggles with your loved one. 

  3. Mini golf: What’s a bit of friendly competition between partners? Organize a cute mini-golf date as part of their birthday date for a sweet twist. However, it’s the rules that the birthday girl/boy should win… 

  4. Dance class: This is a super sweet idea for couples looking to celebrate their birthday a little differently! Sign up for a dance class and spend a few hours twirling around with your partner. The dizziness of the dancing will surely give you the birthday glow you’re after! 

  5. Arcade night: Feeling competitive? If your partner is into gaming, give their birthday an old-school vibe with an arcade night. Or, set one up in your living room! 

  6. Comedy show: Birthdays should be filled with laughter! Attend a comedy show with your partner to ring in their new year with joy and giggles. Or, if you’re feeling extra brave, take a perch in the front row and see what happens next… 

  7. Birthday bowling: Romantic date nights aren’t all about fancy dinners. Enjoy a bit of nostalgic charm with a fun night of bowling, with a few drinks added in to improve your aim! 

  8. Karaoke night: While it’s not the best first date idea, we think a few rounds of karaoke is a birthday tradition worth honoring! However, in our birthday terms and conditions, you have to add the ‘Happy Birthday Song’ to your setlist. 

Wholesome birthday date ideas for couples

  1. Cooking class: If you’re fretting about what to cook for your partner’s birthday, this is a very good substitute! Choose their favorite cuisine and spend the evening concocting the perfect birthday dish. 

  2. Movie night: Not everyone wants big birthday parties or plans, and that’s okay! It’s about knowing what your partner wants, and if that’s a bumper screening of their favorite movies — that sounds perfect to us!

  3. Build a fort: If you want to step up our movie night idea, we think we can get a bit of DIY involved. Build a fort in your living room for the perfect birthday party screening to make things feel extra special. We suggest putting a few birthday treats in there too! 

  4. Board game night: For another low-key idea, we love the sound of a board game night for couples! It doesn’t have to be as cutthroat as Monopoly, with plenty of sexy board games also on offer. 

  5. Spa day: If your partner is in desperate need of some R&R, we think a birthday is the perfect time to treat them! Organize a spa day, full of couple’s massages, poolside chats, and many cheers for their good health. 

  6. Birthday picnic: Does your loved one have a summer birthday? Take advantage of the good weather by packing the perfect birthday picnic and heading out to the park. 

Romantic birthday date night ideas for couples 

  1. Wine tasting: Are you both amateur wine connoisseurs? Make it official on their birthday with a wine tasting at a vineyard, or your local wine bar. If you don’t feel like venturing out, there are no rules against staging a wine tasting of your own by cracking open a few of your favorite bottles of wine. 

  2. Romantic getaway: Making your partner feel special should be your number one priority for their birthday date plans! While you can opt for a one-day celebration, we also love the idea of making a real occasion of it with a romantic getaway. 

  3. Glamping trip: Whether you prefer glamping or camping, stepping into nature can make for a super romantic getaway idea! Don’t forget to pack the birthday-themed s’mores to make your partner feel extra special. 

  4. Stargazing: What’s more romantic than staring at the stars with your partner by your side? Make it birthday-themed by bringing all of your party supplies with you, as there’s nothing quite like blowing out your candles under the stars. (We hear it doubles your chances of your birthday wishes coming true!) 

  5. Classic dinner date: Keep it old-school with a classic romantic dinner, with their favorite cuisine, and that fancy bottle of wine on the table. Or, maybe some bubbles to cheer for another amazing year! 

  6. Sunset cruise: As the sun sets on another year of life, what’s more fitting than a romantic sunset cruise? Whisk your loved one away on a romantic night under the skies with this sweet and sentimental date idea. 

  7. Private chef dinner date: Take away the pressures of whipping up that perfect birthday dinner and put the power in the hands of the professionals! Hire a private chef to make your at-home dinner date feel extra special, but maybe don’t claim their concoctions as your own! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do for my boyfriend on his birthday?

    Birthdays can come with a lot of pressure, as you try to make your partner’s big day feel extra special! If you’re looking for ideas for your boyfriend, take a look at some of their favorite hobbies or things that have been on their wishlist for a while. Or have you been saying you’ll save something for a special occasion? Now is your chance to go all out with a birthday plan that shows you’ve been listening!
  • Where can I take my girlfriend on her birthday date?

    Birthdays can be a big deal for a lot of people, with the expectation that your partner should nail your birthday plans! Before you panic book a Michelin-star restaurant, take the time to think about what your girlfriend would really appreciate on their birthday. If it’s just quality time, or a big ol’ laugh, tailor your ideas to their needs and show them how important they truly are.
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