Fun & Excitement

Our relationships are better when we bring laughter, adventure, and a sense of fun and excitement into them.

being playful in a relationship

Are You Playful Enough in Your Relationship?

Research is proving that playfulness in a romantic relationship can boost your couple bond
By Martin Gill
how to get out of a rut in a relationship

3 Reasons You're in a Relationship Rut

Bored in your relationship? Here’s how to get out of a relationship rut
By Dr. Terri Orbuch
valentines day date ideas at home

9 At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Couple

Spending Valentine's Day at home? Here's how to go all out while staying in with our 9 at-home Valentine’s Day ideas.
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Make Homemade Pizzas From Scratch

Get floury and flirty with this easy at home date night idea
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Set Up a Romantic Treasure Hunt

Leave the most romantic of treasure trails in this cute date night activity you can repeat year after year
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Go for a Moonlight Walk

Embrace the best ambient date night lighting nature has to offer
By Paired
winter date ideas

23 Winter Date Ideas to Snuggle Up to Together

Baby it’s cold outside. These cute winter date ideas are sure to warm your and your partner’s heart
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Draw Each Other's Portrait

Too cold outside? Get drawn in by this cute winter date idea for two
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Try a Chocolate Tasting Night

For a date night idea that’s better than sex (no, really) become chocolate connoisseurs for the night
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Play Chinese New Year Trivia

Bring in the year of the tiger by challenging yourselves to our Chinese new year couple's quiz
By Paired

Date Night Idea: Craft a Couple’s Cocktail

Did someone say homemade cocktails? Shake things up a bit with a sweet at-home cocktail party for two
By Paired
last minute date ideas

15 Fun Last-Minute Date Ideas for Couples

Make date night fun... in no time!
By Sarah Finley