30 Road Trip Games for Couples

Hitting the road together? Make the most of your time together with these road trip games for couples
on October 17, 2023
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The car is packed, the playlist is prepped, and the passenger princess is strapped in. What are you forgetting? 

With a few long hours ahead, we suggest making note of these road-trip games for couples that will keep everyone entertained — even if rush-hour traffic stops you in your tracks! Discover your favorite road trip game for your next couple’s adventure, and you’ll be surprised how fast time will tick by. 

Whether you want to quiz your partner or want to walk down memory lane with some classic games (hello I Spy!), we’ve rounded up the best road trip games to help you pass the time. 

What can you do with your boyfriend or girlfriend on a long car ride?

Traveling as a pair with no kids or friends in tow? Take the opportunity to get to know your partner better! With countless hours at your disposal, there is a range of road trip games to keep you both entertained! 

1. Mystery gifts

Do you have a gift-giving love language? Then this could be the game for you. 

Your road trip’s going to have lots of gas station stops. Pledge to buy each other one mystery gift at the next stop. You can turn it into a guessing game or just get them something quirky as a memento.

Whether you make it into a sweet tooth stop or feel like stocking up on some quirky keychains, the options are endless! 

2. Counting your steps

Fun car games all involve sitting still, right? Next time you pull over, set yourselves a time limit. Using your smartphone, watch and any step apps, use the limited time to get as many steps in as you can. 

Will you look a little crazy running around the car park? Yes. Will it make it even more fun? Also, yes. 

This one’s a great game for competitive types – who will log the most steps?

3. 36 questions to get to know each other

Want to get the conversation flowing? 

If you’re looking for conversation starters, you can’t do better than these 36 questions to fall in love. Learn more about your deepest, most treasured memories or plan for the future with these road trip questions.

4. Would you rather?

A good old-fashioned game of ‘Would you rather?’ is guaranteed to get your significant other laughing. 

It’s a world away from those road trip games for couples questions and involves picking the best of two bad scenarios. Start small and dial it up to something more frisky! 

5. Two truths and a lie

How much do you really know about each other? Tell your partner two truths and one lie, then make them guess which one is the lie. 

Try and keep your poker face on, and no matter how many questions your partner asks — don’t give any hints! 

6. Kiss, marry, kill

This is one of the best fun road trip games for couples but it also works in groups. 

Simply pick three celebrities and say if you would kiss (or more!), marry or kill them. It’s an amazing insight into the mind!

7. The Compliment Game

Ready to get all ooey-gooey with your partner?

Begin with the first letter of the alphabet and compliment something you like about them, starting with that letter. Arms, boobs, zippers – you get the idea.

8. The Newlywed Game 

This one needs the passenger prince/princess to be in control, keeping score along the way!

Put your partner under pressure by asking them a range of intimate questions, from where you had your first date, to the first time you said you love each other. Take turns as you run through all the questions, and when you change drivers at the next pitstop — it’s your turn in the hot seat! 

What are some good games to play on a long road trip?

If you’ve got a really long road trip, or if you’re traveling with others, you’ll need to get creative. Try these on for size.

9. Road trip bingo

This one takes a little prep. Make up some bingo cards before you leave and mark them with observations like “somebody mowing their lawn” or “somebody crossing the street”. 

The rarer the spot, the better!

10. I’d like to know more about…

The one thing you have been blessed with on this trip is time. 

So ask yourselves, what’s a topic you’d really like to learn more about? Dig out some podcasts, look for audiobooks on Amazon, or just head to Wikipedia and start learning.

To make sure everyone was listening, why not break out a quiz round at the end? 

11. License plate anagrams

The license plate game is great for getting those creative cogs whirring. Look at the plates in front of you and try to come up with words – could these be linked to the driver?

Or if you want to expand your horizons, they can also use any passing billboards, signs, or any other tools to encrypt the words. 

12. The story game

Feeling inventive? Start to tell a story. It can be something simple like, “Once upon a time there was a couple driving home.” 

Your partner can start the next sentence and so on –  like your road trip, who knows where it will end up?

13. Sorry I Was Late

This one’s a great movie game for you cinephiles out there. Start by telling your partner you’re sorry you were late, then explain why – but in the style of a movie plot. Have them guess what it is.

For example, I’m so sorry that I was late, I was just bitten by a spider that gave me superpowers and then I had to go save the world with a billionaire superhero. (Any guesses?) 

14. 21 Questions 

A classic but it can get pretty interesting, especially if you’re willing to be inventive!

Learn more about the way your partner’s brain works by asking them 21 questions, and if you want to get extra competitive, give out points for every question you didn’t use. 

15. The Movie Game 

This is another great one for movie buffs, or even those who are secretly obsessed with pop culture. Start by naming an actor and then go to the next person, so they can name one of the films they were in!

Go back and forth between your group until someone runs out of ideas!

16. The Name Game 

This word game is perfect to keep you on your toes!

Start with anyone’s full name (try and be more creative than your own!) and then the next person has to name someone using the first letter of the previous person’s last name. It sounds confusing, but once you get into it, there’s no stopping you! 

road trip games for couples

What are some games to play in the car?

Traveling with kids? There are plenty of car ride games for couples and kids, with lots of distractions to keep everyone entertained! 

To avoid the constant, ‘Are we there yet?’ questions, these games could be your ticket to a fun road trip! 

17. What’s their story?

There’s nothing like a bit of people-watching to pass the time, is there? 

Look around for the first person you can see. Ask your partner and the kids – what’s their story? See what exciting versions of their lives you can come up with.

18. The cockpit game

Ready to take off? Pretend the car is your own jumbo jet. You’re upfront with the pilot and the kids are the cabin crew. Where are you going, and will the pilot take off safely? Whoosh!

19. Scattergories

This alphabet game involves picking a category and then a letter of the alphabet. So you might say something like car brands and ‘P.’ Whoever runs out of ideas loses!

20. Odd car out

Make your next road trip more exciting by looking out for automobile oddities. You might spot a classic car on the other side of the road, or it might just be a funky color. Set each other a goal for vehicles to spot and see who gets there first!

21. I Spy

Long drives always go quicker with a game of I Spy. Have the kids guessing for hours or watch them drift off – then you can play the more adult games for couples!

22. Alpha-DJ

Another fun alphabet name game, you’ll need a music player to play this one. Play DJ and get everybody to ask you for a song title or artist beginning with a certain letter.

23. Guess the song

Still playing DJ? Start by playing only the first few seconds of a track, before the song lyrics kick in if you can. The first player to guess the song correctly wins!

24. Speaking in song

This one’s as much a memory game as it is a trivia game – can you think of a song that will keep the conversation going? 

Start a new chat with the title of a song, such as, “Have I told you lately?” Then the next player will have to respond with another song title. The player with the last word wins.

25. While you were sleeping! 

This is a great one if you have any sleepy kids in the car!

Just wait for one member of the family to doze off, while the rest of you concoct a wild story of what happened while they were sleeping. Get as creative as possible, and see if they believe you! 

What do adults play in the car?

If you’re lucky enough to be enjoying road trip activities solo, you can be as naughty as you like. You’ve also got free rein to make games more complicated – just keep those eyes on the road.

26. Degrees of separation

Start by naming two distinct objects. Let’s say a witch’s broom and a getaway car. Can you get there in six steps or fewer by word association alone? Hermione rode a witch’s broom…Hermione loves Ron…Ron drove a getaway car…you get the idea.

27. Junk memories

Who said clearing out the messes in your car can’t be fun? Go through your old receipts and tickets and try to think back to the memories of that day. Here’s a check for a burger restaurant…remember that date?

This can be a fun walk down memory lane, while also being a subtle way to clean up their car! 

28. Truth or dare

You can make this one as daring as you like! It could be something tame like tooting your horn at another driver or making a fool of yourself in the gas station. 

Feel free to make it naughtier too – this is a couple’s road trip, after all.

29. Fun photo ops

Nothing makes for weird and wonderful photo effects like a moving car. Take snaps out of the window or of the two of you while moving. Just make sure you don’t distract the driver!

30. Never have I ever

Travel games for couples are great because they rely on imagination rather than just alcohol. 

In this booze-free version of this classic game, ask each other to confess your deepest darkest secrets. Take a swig of a non-alcoholic drink or try another gesture, like winking.

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